Two of my Favorite Things

August 033, originally uploaded by tabithasuo.

There are two things in my kitchen that get used everyday. I have a favorite bowl and coffee mug that gets used at least twice a day. They both make me smile and I realized this morning that they both have funny stories behind them too.
My mug I bought at a pottery show when Joseph and I were engaged. Along with it, I bought a soap dish. It was the most beautiful soap dish. I admired it every time I was at the kitchen sink. Not too long after I bought it, I was in a hurry one day and it landed in a million pieces in the sink. 😦 I cried and cried and I just remember Joseph’s face… I know he was thinking, “I am about to marry this crazy girl that falls apart over a soap dish?!” So… today, I drink from my mug and remember my soap dish casualty. 😦
My bowl was thrifted one day at a yard sale for a dollar. I went up and asked the lady how much this beautiful bowl was and she replied with “25 cents.” And then her husband comes over and says, “No, a dollar.” While I’m standing there holding my bowl tightly, they are yelling and arms go flying and this turns into and all out brawl. Then I realized that they were selling their house and getting a divorce. So, in an attempt to save the bowl from further abuse, I set the dollar on the table and quickly head for my car. 🙂 A sad way to inherit a bowl, but at least she is safe.

I know I’m strange. Who blogs about their dishes? You’ll have to get used to strange blogs… there will probably be more.


2 thoughts on “Two of my Favorite Things

  1. I had a bowl my mom got me at a flea market in Vermont, I loved it. It sits, or sat on my kitchen table…. I adored it, it was just… perfect. Needless to say it was on my coffee table one night and got knocked off and busted… I just sat down and cried. So I understand. I’ll find you another soap dish.
    Love you~

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