Handmade and Homegrown

DSC01315, originally uploaded by tabithasuo.

We went to Tennessee for a few days when Scarlet was only a couple of weeks old. My mom, Joseph, Scarlet, and I packed up and headed well… northwest. Anyways, we had so much fun. I learned how to change diapers in my lap. (Mom is full of great advice 🙂 My Grandparents oowed and aahed over her and she just loved it. Momma-too made me some knit dishcloths. She gave me some last year and I just love them. Yay for more! Paw gave me tomatoes and peppers from his garden and a jar of apple butter. The tomatoes mostly went to tomato sandwiches. Fresh tomatoes are the best for these. The rest went to yummy sauce… mmm. The apple butter is still being enjoyed. Most recently on my homemade bread that you will see in a bit. I absolutely LOVE fresh veggies! So then, on our way back, I am changing Scarlet’s diaper in the car (I mastered this skill by the end of the trip) and her blue bellybutton grossness fell off right on me. I flipped out and swore she was in pain and Mom just laughed at me. Then it got thrown away in a dumpster at the gas station. Mom says it’s a great story to tell her when she’s a teenager. 🙂
We had an incredible trip! I miss them all. Christmas is coming too soon!!!


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