I have been so bad about taking pictures the past couple of days. This season is always so busy. I wish sometimes that people would just slow down and think about the reason they are put on the earth. To love people. I need to become so much better at this. It’s crazy how I get so caught up in things that, in the big picture, do not matter at all and I forget about the goal of my being on this planet…. to love people… to possibly be the difference in their lives. I hate that I’m bad at keeping up with relationships. I hate that I don’t do good with calling, writing, emailing… just to let people know that I care. But I do care, so very much. It’s the whole reason I was put here … to care. I know that whoever does read this is probably tired of my ramblings and resolutions for the new year… but again, this is something that is on my apparently long list of things to work on. The relationships in my life mean so much to me and it makes me sad to think that maybe they don’t even know it. What’s interesting is that my church is starting a series in January called One. It’s going to be about unity. I believe it will be the best I’ve ever heard my Pastor preach (who also happens to have won the Best Dad Award for 2007 🙂 ). It’s going to be awesome. You can check it out at:



The other news that I haven’t blogged about yet is that Joseph finally got the tattoo he has been asking for, for so long. He sat in Polly’s chair for two hours while Scarlet and I waited patiently (well, she was asleep). He was so very excited with the final result. He had designed two separate tattoos (one for each arm) but with the help of Polly decided to get one piece on one arm. It’s amazing. It’s what he always wanted and never thought he would do it. I guess it sounds so weird, depending on what generation you are I guess, but I am so proud of him. It’s not that the tattoo IS who he is, but it does portray who he is very well. He has had so many conversations with people because of that tattoo. He would have never gotten to drop just a small bit of hope in their lives if he hadn’t have had it to start conversation for him. I admire him so much for his ability to connect with people.

I will probably be posting many pictures and little words over the holiday. It will be full of fun and busyness. I pray that you have a wonderful Christmas, that you make a few memories, and also that you will be a light to someone walking in a dark place this season. That is my prayer for us all.

Happy Birthday Jesus.


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