Snow, Snow… Please Snow!


Today, I wish it would snow.

I keep reading all these blogs about beautiful snow. Here, it won’t even rain. I decided to do what P.S. does and carry my umbrella wherever I go. you might say this is a little strange. I think so too. But it is most definitely worth a try. The drought has been mean to our land. I miss green grass, being able to water plants as I please, and not having to listen to all the bad things that “might” happen on the news every night. I’ve decided to take my faith a bit further and pray and believe for snow. Lots of it. Not enough to damage anything, but enough to play in. I will have to admit, part of my fascination with snow is watching the people of “these here parts” absolutely lose-it because of a flake of snow. For some reason, no one here knows how to drive in snow. If there was a flurry in the sky they cancel school, work, the roads are blocked, the grocery stores are bare, and people won’t step foot out the door for days. Somehow, I find that all very fascinating. When I was a little girl, my mom would bundle me up and send me out to play with my favorite (sneaky, I might add) friend, Allen. We would play all day and come in through the basement (so we did not track so in the house) and sit by the stove with hot chocolate. I LOVED that about my childhood. I might want to move to a snowier place when Scarlet gets old enough to ask, “Momma, what does snow even look like.” or “Papa, why do all these people hide from all this white, soft, cushy stuff.” I don’t know if I will be able to take many more snow-less winters.

I have been so horrible at taking pictures lately. I still haven’t even put up any from Christmas.The honest truth is that I didn’t even have my camera for our Caronna Family Christmas. I know, I know, how bad is that. Scarlet’s first Christmas and I have a limited about of pictures of her that are not even my own. I have been waiting on Micah to post some so that I can steal them and post them here. 🙂


Shannon and Levi came and visited for a few days and once again my camera was missing in action. But I did get one picture of the two of them and it is so wonderful that I had to post it. 🙂 We got to see each other twice in less than 2 months! That makes my entire year better!

There was a lot more that went on the past few weeks that I will be posting about later. Thus far, this year has been really hard and at the same time very life-changing. I have many goals and a husband that supports all that I want to do, now I just need the self-discipline to get them done. Please pray that God sends older women that have stable spiritual lives, healthy homes, and a creative mind that would be willing to help me and mentor me in where I am headed next. That is my number one prayer at the moment.

So once again… Snow Snow Snow!