An Unexpected Blessing

So, it’s been awhile…

Since we’ve talked last, the most amazing thing has happened. We have added another little person to our household.

Macky Moose is what we call her.

Mack-Me-Moose is what she calls herself.

God has done something so very great! About 2 months ago I started really praying and thinking about whether or not I needed to go back to work and how that all would happen. I have always wanted to Nanny in my home, I thought it would be neat but I really needed a good situation. Not too long after I started praying, here comes Macky. Let me tell you… she is truly a miracle baby! Long story short, she was born without an artery in her heart. She has had five open-heart surgeries and she is now healthy and beautiful. She is just now starting to walk. She makes me smile and thank God almost all the time. What a wonderful piece of His goodness.

Before, it was Joseph and I, then Scarlet came along and she is awesome. She has made the idea of ‘family’ so important to Joseph and I. Our home and our hearts changed into something so very sweet when she was welcomed. I love that sweetness.

Now, a new season has sprung up. An unexpected blessing. Movement. I wake up in the morning with pitter-patter of feet and constant moving of little hands. Giggling as we make breakfast. Singing to Billy Holiday (I’ve got her hooked on the goodness of music). Dancing to one of Joseph’s silly songs.

I am amazed at what God can do in so short amount of time. I look around the house at evidence of life…her life…and it is the most beautiful thing in my world.

She is truly a miracle.


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