Scarlet Rayne is Growing!

 I cannot believe how fast Miss Rayne is growing. In the past few days she has been rolling all over the place! She also is starting to sit up. WOW! I had no idea all of this would happen so fast. Jenn, one of the current members of the ‘Wave O’ Babies’ Club, was talking to me the other day about how feeding solid food to Charlotte seems so very far away. That’s exactly what I thought. Scarlet is almost half a year old. But it seems that it was yesterday that we brought her home and didn’t know what to do with her. Now, she is eating her fruits and veggies, talking ALL the time, holding her bottle, and wishing so hard that she could be mobile…now!

All of this really puts into perspective that I only have 18 years with her.

Only? You ask. Yes, only.

I used to think that is a long time… until now. Now, it seems like tomorrow I could wake up and 18 years are over. (like the movie Click. If you haven’t seen that movie, you should)

Today is my Momma’s Birthday! The best blessing I have ever gotten were my parents. My Mom deserves the very best! She has always given me her best… in every situation. Today, I pray she has the best birthday ever, she deserves it!

Happy Birthday Momma!


One thought on “Scarlet Rayne is Growing!

  1. your mom is amazing… & so is Scarlett!

    I’m sure Miss Scarlett will be saying the same things about you one day 🙂

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