Life is Good…

Yesterday was beautiful. It is so awesome to be able to carry a blanket out to your back yard and have a picnic under gorgeous trees! I love our land….

This is the only picture I could snap before my camera’s battery went dead. Joseph yells because I never charge it, then when I REALLY want pictures I either can’t use it because it’s out of juice or because I can’t find it. I should find something that hangs it around my neck at all times… random…

Today… the windows and doors are open and letting the spring air in.

Scarlet is eating her ‘Eat More Tacos’ shirt. (Thank you Josh and Carrie!)

Joseph is relaxing with a wonderful day off.

We are looking forward to the weekend of Women! Our amazing church is having a conference just for women! It is going to be awesome. Joseph is playing and singing. Scarlet will entertain the nursery people, I am sure. And I am going to soak up the interaction with others of my kind, something I used to run from… now I embrace. I mean really, how could any woman ever be a successful wife or mother all on her own. I used to think I could do this all by myself… I would have sunk quickly if it weren’t for my girls!

So, a fun-filled weekend ahead! I hope yours is just as good!

OH! And Bearon is feeling much better! See…



4 thoughts on “Life is Good…

  1. Hey thanks for the comment. Um I could come over Monday after noon to look at that tiller you already have. Like drain the oil and gas and put new fuel in it. or just call my cell at (919)802-3664 to set something up. I’ll look on craigslist to see if they have tillers.

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