Oh! Here I am!

Sheesh… this blogging thing really is addicting. It’s been almost a month since I’ve written here. So much has been going on… some big stuff and some stuff that has just kept me from doing anything for myself… I haven’t shared pictures with you in a while so…. here we go with the lists… I love lists…

First off, NASHVILLE!!!

I got to see all those super important people I see whenever I can slip away from here.

The Liesel and myself being us…. she is my besty

My darling Levi J. with his Uncle Joe

My Sweet Shannon, Levi’s Mommy and one

of the closest people to my heart

Boles and Swiesel… these are the ones I go to

if I ever need to laugh.

Came home from Nashville missing Macky:

Saw a Rainbow…or two…

Had a wonderful Momma’s Day!

And now I am pooped… the few things going on in between all of that were tough. Things like Scarlet overcoming a funky throat thing, Joseph getting a new job (wahoo!) and all the adjustments that come along with that, and planning a super-duper fun conference that is coming up…

Happy Spring to you!!!


3 thoughts on “Oh! Here I am!

  1. its so nice to see you blogging again … i was getting sad 😦 i really love the pics, too cute! the one of macky is priceless!

  2. finally… geez! It hasn’t been the same without you my kinda sorta recovering hippy friend. ha.

    Yay for Macky wearing the wings & carrying the magic wand from the party! She is so precious!

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