Could life get any crazier???

Well, first off… I have to say that I adore my sweet little family…

Life is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I needed a break. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First there was band practice for this girls conference thingy…

(my sweet niece, Kayla will be leading a song with Joseph!)

Then, we spent Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market…

(I got me some goodies!)

And Saturday night some very close friends of ours got hitched!

Congrats Larry and Bev!

And now for the best of all (to me anyways)…

Today I got so very tired of running around like a crazy person that I decided (in the middle of laundry and dishes, dinner and well… bedtime) that I was taking off to spend a couple of HOURS in the fabric store and make some of the things I have been dreaming of making for a long time. I know you think I am the silliest thing, but when I dream of anything… its always making things. Weird, I know. Most people dream of BUYING things, for some reason I dream of being able to get everything in its rawest form and creating it myself. Anyways, on to what I made…

New Bib and Dress for Scarlet!

New bag for ME!!!

I learned something from Joseph tonight. I absolutely LOVE handmade things because they are someone’s hard work. Someone put their whole heart into something just for me. I love to hand make things for Scarlet because I know that I put my heart into it. She has something that no one else in this world can get. I realized tonight that when I see someone else’s work and it isn’t perfect I have always thought it gives it character. But when I mess up I fall apart because it isn’t perfect. The point in it being handmade is so that it isn’t perfectly done. The things I made tonight have many small mistakes, ones that I learned from. From now on I want to be able to look at what I make and see my mistakes and be okay because I know that someday I will have a collection of stuff that has progressively gotten better through the years. I will look at these things and see how I have grown.

Sorry if you are one of those people that really loves me but doesn’t get me and my weirdness… this is just three a.m. rambling. You’ve heard how you shouldn’t drunk dial? Well, maybe I shouldn’t deliriously blog either…


4 thoughts on “Could life get any crazier???

  1. you are too friggin’ funny… “drunk dialing vs. deliriously blog”

    & I love you AND I get you. How bout that.

    I can’t believe you’re already finished with Miss Scarlet’s dress. Geez. Sweetness.

  2. Know and love you dearly. I totally get you and that is why I smile and laugh at you so much. I wish I was as talented as you. Can’t wait to see Scarlet in that dress. Love ya and can’t imagine having any other little sis in law!

  3. Wow, your handmade work is beautiful! I know how you feel…when I had a sinus infection, I spent 2 days straight learning different ways to craft things. Now I even know how to make beads out of breadcrumbs! lol, if that’s not weird, I don’t know what is…

  4. Tabitha Suo!!! What a rockstar mama!! Look at you making things and what not… I’ll tell you what you told me about my blanket: “YOU SHOULD SO SELL YOUR STUFF!!!!!!!!”

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