Packages in the mail!

This is a picture from Amanda Soule’s blog. She was the first person I saw using Sheepskin for her baby. Not to long after that I started realizing that a lot of mamas use sheepskin. I’ve been wanting one for Scarlet and just didn’t know where to go. Last week I found Nova Natural Toys and Crafts and there I found the perfect sheepskin comforter for babies. It will mostly be used for the new baby. But for right now Scarlet is really enjoying it. She lays on it and rubs it. It is the softest thing I think she’s ever felt.

I have a list of things I want for this baby that I didn’t know about for Scarlet. So many people look at me strange when they see the weird things that matter to me as a mother. I am one of those parents that people look at with their head tilted. But I love my life and the way my little family lives.

My heart has never been fuller.


One thought on “Packages in the mail!

  1. Hi Tabitha, Congrats on new baby on the way. Keep us posted. Love and prayers, Pastor Debbie

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