This is Oliver. Oliver has been living in my bath tub for about 3 days. He (at least we think it’s a he) is so awesome.

Kayla and I went to Bojangles one morning with no make up, dirty hair, and I was wearing my PJ’s. We saw four kittens running under cars. It looked like someone had just dropped them off. So without really even thinking about it, we jump out and start trying to catch these kittens. One of them looked like he could only be a couple weeks old. There were all different kinds. I asked some girls that had come out of Bojangles if they would go in and get a box. Their mother just stood there for a few minutes. Finally she came over and said, “Do you go to Living Word?” I was like, “Um…. maybe. And this is what I do with my freetime.” She just laughed. I am sure that she thinks that I go everywhere looking like that saving all the stray cats in the city.

So this is how we found Oliver. We love him so much. But we can’t keep him. We thought about making him an outside kitty for the garden. But I don’t know if that is the best thing.

I went on Craigslist to post a “free to a good home” add and this is what I found…

“As you may be aware, animals given away for free can, and unfortunately often do, meet gruesome fates. They can end up in the hands of animal abusers like Barry Herbeck, a Wisconsin man who was convicted last year of torturing and killing animals he obtained through “free to good home” ads. He confessed to taking his kids with him when responding to the ads so people would be comfortable turning animals over to him. People known as “bunchers,” who obtain animals illegally from random sources to sell to research facilities for profit, often acquire animals by answering “free to good home” ads. Small animals advertised as “free to good home” are sometimes acquired by individuals who intend to use them as bait in training other animals to fight. Gerbils, hamsters, and young kittens are often acquired to be used as snake food.”

Which absolutely freaked me out… so I decided to first post here and let everyone know that he is here and see what happens. He has attached to us very quickly. We want him to be in a good home. He is a orange tabby cat and he is in very good shape. Tell everyone you can think of who would really like a kitty.

Thanks so much!


Swim Time & Sad News

This weekend was very relaxing. Scarlet had her first trip to the pool. We can tell already she will be a little fish! She LOOOVED it! She didn’t want to leave.

There is no easy way to say this on a blog. About two weeks ago we miscarried the baby. It was a long process. Joseph and I are both doing very well. We are very sad to lose this baby but we do realize that sometimes it is the bodies natural reaction to an unhealthy pregnancy. Many women have them and never knew they were pregnant. Knowing that has made this a little bit easier. Still, we were very excited about this new baby. We know that all things work together for the good of those that love God and are called according to His purpose. Therefore, we realize that we need to keep our eyes focused on the things God has asked us to do and leave the rest to Him. Please be praying for us. We are still trying to get back to our normal rhythm. We are both having strange reactions to all of the stuff going on. Pray for peace and wisdom that we will know how to deal with every situation that comes our way.

I believe that God puts beauty in everything. I believe that even when we cannot see, hear, or feel God Himself that we can always feel the evidence of Him. That evidence, His beauty, is you. I am so thankful to have people in my life you care. People who stop their lives to bring me comfort. If it was bringing a meal, showing up at the hospital and holding my pinkie, or even taking the time just to sit beside me and knit… thank you to all of you who had a part in supporting Joseph and I. You are the beauty of God on this earth. We are quickly becoming the only beauty left on this earth. But that is another sermon for another day….

Hope you all had a good weekend. This week holds trips to the pool, starting the process of hording food, knitting, and clothes for winter (yes, I am a lot like a bear… I hibernate), art projects, and getting back into the groove. Fun! Hope your week is filled with fun!

Sick Days & Cuddly Things

This is what every table in my house has looked like for the past week. We have all been feeling a little yucky. Scarlet is getting over croupiness. She had croup once before and we were total newbs and didn’t have any idea what to do. This time we immediately lathered her in Vicks, gave her tylenol, gave her tons of White Grape Juice, and made sure she had her humidifier. She slept through the night every single night. YAY for knowing how to handle something as a new parent! That really is exciting when there are so many other things that we constantly have to just get wisdom and find out what God wants us to do in every situation. That, I believe, is the hardest part of parenting. Before she was born, I thought I knew how I would handle every situation. But really, I had no idea. Things come up and we try our best to do what is best for our baby or we try to see what God has for her in the future and how we can be an asset to that. Anyways…(rambling again)

In the past week she has attached herself to a cute little brown dog. This sweet little dog has a very special spot in my heart. When I was going through a hard time, about 5 years and 6 months ago (to be exact) my Nana gave my this dog to hug when I was sad. Over the past few years he’s gotten a lot of hugs. My Nana is one of the most beautiful people I know. She is one of those people that lights up a room when she walks in. I have so many memories or stories of her making a day or a time special for different people. The first time Joseph saw this was this past Thanksgiving. We drove 8 hours to see some family and she and my sweet Shannon cooked thanksgiving dinner for us. She worked so hard to make that day special. Joseph just looked at me at one point and said, “Now I know what you mean.” She just makes you feel warm inside. Now, every morning I go into Scarlet’s room I see her curled up with that dog and it makes me miss my Nana. There is no better stuffed animal she could have picked.

I got a suprise for me!!!

I got a new camera!!! Thanks to my hunny!

I love photography. If you’ve read this blog any length of time you know I’m a strange bird (I feel like I repeat that often…). So, it probably won’t shock you that I create relationships with cameras and thus far this camera and I aren’t sure about each other. So, just understand if these next few pictures are a little rough, it’s because we haven’t gotten comfortable yet. 🙂

The 4th of July and my Papa’s Birthday!

All the family got together at my parents house for the holiday. The kids wanted to go “hunt for nature.” I think they were trying to remember how to say nature hunt… made me laugh.

Joseph and Olivia eating their wooden watermelon

Rachel’s favorite thing is getting her hands in the DIRT!

Josiah found a turkey feather!

For some reason it makes me so happy to see kiddos digging their hands in the earth. I wish I remembered what it felt like to put my foot in a mud puddle for the first time or when I caught fireflies for the first time. It amuses me to watch children discover new things about the world around them. If I could only remember that newness the earth had when I was a child.

Watching them this weekend reminded me how exciting life is. As an adult it is harder to find new things to discover… maybe as an adult, you get the same feeling when you watch your child hold her first flower or feel her first rain drop.

Scarlet does something new every single day. It is becoming very hard to record when she does what first. It seems like it is all happening at once. I will start updating you with all that she is doing.

1. She has two teeth!

2. She just started waving bye-bye

3. She originally was going to call Joseph Papa but she said da-da first. So we changed it. Now she calls him Papa. 🙂 Thus far, Joseph has two names and I have….none. 😦

4. Today were her very first crawling steps. 🙂 She gets into everything!!!

She has discovered cords!

For the next few posts I was thinking of doing mostly pictures since I have missed having a camera so bad. We need some quality time anyway.

Hope you had a great Independence Day! On with another week of Summer!