This is Oliver. Oliver has been living in my bath tub for about 3 days. He (at least we think it’s a he) is so awesome.

Kayla and I went to Bojangles one morning with no make up, dirty hair, and I was wearing my PJ’s. We saw four kittens running under cars. It looked like someone had just dropped them off. So without really even thinking about it, we jump out and start trying to catch these kittens. One of them looked like he could only be a couple weeks old. There were all different kinds. I asked some girls that had come out of Bojangles if they would go in and get a box. Their mother just stood there for a few minutes. Finally she came over and said, “Do you go to Living Word?” I was like, “Um…. maybe. And this is what I do with my freetime.” She just laughed. I am sure that she thinks that I go everywhere looking like that saving all the stray cats in the city.

So this is how we found Oliver. We love him so much. But we can’t keep him. We thought about making him an outside kitty for the garden. But I don’t know if that is the best thing.

I went on Craigslist to post a “free to a good home” add and this is what I found…

“As you may be aware, animals given away for free can, and unfortunately often do, meet gruesome fates. They can end up in the hands of animal abusers like Barry Herbeck, a Wisconsin man who was convicted last year of torturing and killing animals he obtained through “free to good home” ads. He confessed to taking his kids with him when responding to the ads so people would be comfortable turning animals over to him. People known as “bunchers,” who obtain animals illegally from random sources to sell to research facilities for profit, often acquire animals by answering “free to good home” ads. Small animals advertised as “free to good home” are sometimes acquired by individuals who intend to use them as bait in training other animals to fight. Gerbils, hamsters, and young kittens are often acquired to be used as snake food.”

Which absolutely freaked me out… so I decided to first post here and let everyone know that he is here and see what happens. He has attached to us very quickly. We want him to be in a good home. He is a orange tabby cat and he is in very good shape. Tell everyone you can think of who would really like a kitty.

Thanks so much!


4 thoughts on “Oliver

  1. it took my parents & my husband a long time to really understand the soft spot in my heart for animals. I couple of years ago I was at my parents house & my dad walks inside & told me that he just shot a cat that kept tearing up stuff in the yard. I didn’t talk to him for like a week!

    This just makes my blood boil. what is wrong with people?!

  2. BIG HUGS to the Suo Crew… I love you all (that baby girl KNOWs she is the coolest thing in Raleigh- I can tell). Cute kitty… you’re so funny! Ha- I could see you and me doing the very thing that you and Kayla did at Bojangles! It touches my heart and makes me laugh that your adventures continue to be as quirky as mine!
    I tried to catch a cat from Chic-fil-A one time. She was beautiful but skiddish (I think someone had put her out as well). I was trying to entice her with Levi’s chicken which he did not appreciate one small bit. He’s more into fish (marine life) than fur so I had to give it up. Had it been a goldfish, he would’ve shared the chicken.
    I’ve been thinking ’bout you Sister. I love you MUCH.

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