Yummmy Apples

This is my sweet hubby on a hunt for apples. We have had this tree in our yard that we thought was a crabapple tree. I picked a bunch of them a while back when they were small and green. I was going to make crabapple jelly, but never did. A few days ago we noticed that there were big red apples on the very top of the tree and a whole mound of them on the ground under the tree. So sad…

Joseph was determined to find a way to get those apples at the top of the tree. So we set out, me with baby, camera and rainboots. Him with hiked up pants, basket, machete, and my swifter. Oh, how fun it is to live every day with him. We successfully got 11 apples for the tree and I got a few good pictures.

Scarlet loves her sling 🙂

Bearon is so handsome…

This is the tree with the most colored leaves in our yard. I don’t know what it is about this part of NC but it makes fall not so exciting. The leaves hit the ground already brown. There is not much color.


A weekend out…

The past few months have been a windstorm. I could go through all the silly details of it all but that would be too much for my brain at this point. There have been many very cool things and many things that have forced us to become better people. But through the past few months one thing is for sure, we learned to encourage each other. I remember not knowing what else to do but to hug and encourage ourselves through it. I can’t remember off the top of my head where it’s at, but there’s a place in my favorite book that talks about encouraging yourselves in the Lord. The honest truth is, there was not much else we could do. Micah recently said that the peace of God is really the way to stay strong through all times, the good ones and the not so good ones. And that is just what we learned to do. One of the things I adore about my husband is that he is so careful to never allow us to be divided. Even in the hardest times he makes sure that we are okay. I love that about him.

This is a very strange post, I know. But I said all of that to say… we are having a weekend just for us. My sweet baby will be with Grandma and Grandpa and we are off to ride roller-coasters and eat yummy amusement park food. 🙂 I am so excited to have him all to myself. This will be the first time we’ve left Miss Rayne over night. We love her so much. But this is much needed time… to breathe.

Speaking of the darling… she just woke up. So off I go to tend to the babe and dream of the weekend to come.

She Shines…

Today is Miss Rayne’s birthday. This time last year I remember holding her thinking that it would be a looong time before we ever had to dig that rice cereal out of the cabinet. People would give me 12 month outfits and I would think… “Is she ever gonna fit into this?!” I never thought she would ever try to wiggle out of my arms.

And here we are… one. I cannot explain in words how much she is loved. I learn something from her every day. She has one of those personalities that I always wished I’d had. She’s always smiling, laughing, or trying to make us laugh. She has very gracefully gained the independence a one year old needs. She is so quick to obey and so quick to show when she needs a little more freedom.

Looking back at this year, it is so easy to see that God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect. She was very unexpected. But she was exactly what we needed. God has used her in so many ways to heal parts of me I didn’t know were hurt. She has helped mend friendships, and relationships with family.

When I was at Mercy I found the name Scarlet and years later when I was pregnant with her, I went back and found a page in my journal and it said: “Scarlet – to shine.” So I’ve always felt like that was what it meant. (I have no idea where I found it) It is the perfect name for her. Every where she goes she makes a friend and anyone she meets she is happy to wave and talk to them. She shines.

Memory Lane:

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One year old.