She Shines…

Today is Miss Rayne’s birthday. This time last year I remember holding her thinking that it would be a looong time before we ever had to dig that rice cereal out of the cabinet. People would give me 12 month outfits and I would think… “Is she ever gonna fit into this?!” I never thought she would ever try to wiggle out of my arms.

And here we are… one. I cannot explain in words how much she is loved. I learn something from her every day. She has one of those personalities that I always wished I’d had. She’s always smiling, laughing, or trying to make us laugh. She has very gracefully gained the independence a one year old needs. She is so quick to obey and so quick to show when she needs a little more freedom.

Looking back at this year, it is so easy to see that God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect. She was very unexpected. But she was exactly what we needed. God has used her in so many ways to heal parts of me I didn’t know were hurt. She has helped mend friendships, and relationships with family.

When I was at Mercy I found the name Scarlet and years later when I was pregnant with her, I went back and found a page in my journal and it said: “Scarlet – to shine.” So I’ve always felt like that was what it meant. (I have no idea where I found it) It is the perfect name for her. Every where she goes she makes a friend and anyone she meets she is happy to wave and talk to them. She shines.

Memory Lane:

October 9, 2007

2 months

3 months

5 months

7 months

9 months

One year old.


8 thoughts on “She Shines…

  1. Wow, Tabby that was great! I am ao happy for you and Joe.
    What a beautiful little girl HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCARLET!
    Your Aunt Melanie loves you SO MUCH!

  2. Happy Birthday, Scarlet!! And congratulations on starting the LWFC Baby Wave! (Welcome back to the blogging world, Tabitha! I really missed reading your stuff!)

  3. She shines like her mom. You don’t even realize the special young woman you are. You are a great mom, wife, and friend. I love you and Scarlett slow down you are growing up to fast.

  4. this almost made me cry & that’s not so easily accomplished. I love you guys so much! We adore Miss Rayne & can’t wait for her to be my future daughter-in-law *chuckles*

  5. She is so wonderful! She is one & already has so much personality – I can’t wait to see how much more she grows 🙂 We love you guys!!

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