It’s a Boy!!!

Yes, it is a boy. I for sure thought it was another girl. 🙂 When I went in, the ultrasound tech barely put it on my belly and says, “Well, there it is!” She turned the screen and it was right there… boy parts! Woohoo! She also said that he looked very healthy. He was all wadded up in one side of my stomach so there were certain parts she couldn’t measure because he wouldn’t spread out. But she said they would just give me another one in a little bit, when he’s further along. So that they can be sure and measure.

I decided when we fond out that we were pregnant again that I wasn’t even going to think about it until I was further along. I did this for a lot of reasons but one being because I didn’t want to get excited to early and then feel like nine months of baking a baby is taking nine years. So, we waited to tell, I waited on everything. I really tried not to think about it. But when I saw his cute little alien looking face I got super excited. Now, I can’t stop thinking about what it’s going to be like with another little one around. I think Scarlet will be such a great big sister. She’s changed and grown so much in the past few months and I think these two kids will grow up to be very close.

As soon as I can get a picture scanned I will show you how sweet he already is. 

Have a great Monday!


5 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!!!

  1. congrats!! I’m so friggin’ glad you’re having a boy!

    I can tell you this much from experience… having 1 is a change of lifestyle, but not hard or exhausting. Having 2 is exhausting, & sometimes hard (especially adding a rambunctious boy!). Your life is about to go from pretty calm to no calm. & this is coming from the OCD mother that has to have complete order & very little chaos. Get ready for peace to be on the other side of the rainbow for a bit. haha. We’ll get there together one day tho!

  2. omw, i am so excited for you!! i know you really wanted a boy. he is going to be so stinkin handsome, i cant wait to meet him!!

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