P.S. I love you

This movie should never be watched by any pregnant woman anywhere. I cried through the ENTIRE movie. Funny thing is, I was watching it by myself because Joseph was working on music stuff. He came out right at the end and he was like, “Does she love him? Who wrote the letter? Why are they kissing if she doesn’t love him? Why are they in Ireland? Whose that guy?” He never noticed that I was choking up the whole time trying not to bust into tears. He totally would have been way more confused. 🙂 Anyway, that takes care of any urge I had to see a sappy movie, at least for a while. 

Life at the apartment is finally slowing down. We got some Christmas stuff up. Still haven’t picked up my tree. 😦 But that is probably good considering I am still trying to get boxes out of the way. There is still so much to do around here. But I’ve decided to pace myself and not get to stressed over it all. In trying to keep peace I’m going to take some seriously needed breaks. Now that Sbucks is down the street that might be a good get-away.

Let me know if anyone wants to join me sometime for a much needed coffee get-away.

Hope a peaceful yet productive weekend is in all of our futures. 🙂


5 thoughts on “P.S. I love you

  1. No female should ever watch that movie with a male present. It totally inhibits your ability to cry like you want to. I cried through the entire movie too, but Jamie was there so I couldn’t sob like I wanted to. As much as I hate/loved it, I’ll probably have to watch it again w/o Jamie to get the full effect.

  2. love you long time….. and you spelt my name wrong….tear. You think are kids are gonna date? HAHA

  3. Well I did watch it all be myself,well Josh asleep next to me the whole, and cried like a baby the whole movie. It was a good movie.So glad Josh didn’t wake up, he would have picked on me. He just doesn’t understand why I like to see movies that make me cry but I love them!

  4. glad I got a heads up on this since a friend just suggested that I “must see this flick” just the other day. I’ll be post-poning this view for a few months.

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