Some encouragement…

I know that it is strange to post about someone elses post. But WOW, this woman is super amazing. It is so nice to see that there are mamas that love God with everything and give there lives to raise Godly, healthy, well-balanced children, and adore the man God gave them. Sometimes I look at all that is on my plate and think, “God, did you really create me to be able to handle all of this???” But He really did design us to not just manage a lot but to manage it with grace. I have no idea who this woman is, but to read her thoughts on living life on purpose, loving her family with an unending love, and adoring her Father is super-duper inspiring. It helps me know that it is all not only possible but can be done gracefully.

Here is something I completely agree with and believe it is very well put, I thought I’d share:

I was a wife before I became a mother. I believe that while my children are (cherished) temporary visitors in my home, my husband is there to stay and should be treated as an important, respected part of the family.

Let’s greet our children the natural way. Basically, I feel it is important to give babies the gift of a natural, uninhibited birth when possible.

Breast is best. I believe it’s important to breastfeed our children, for the sake of their health, when possible.

Healthy foods are a priority. We owe it to our children to foster healthy eating habits from an early age.

Choose doctors, medications and vaccinations wisely. I believe that it’s important to consider alternative routes to health before relying solely on a medical doctor to fix/maintain our health (although medical doctors can sometimes be of great service).

Products matter, too. As parents, we are responsible to preserve our children’s health by becoming educated and choosing healthy products.

Discipline is absolutely necessary. There is an anti-punishment/anti-consequence movement in the world of parenting, which completely ignores the Bible’s clear instructions on how to raise our children well.

Church is not just for grown-ups. Children do not need to be tucked away into childcare, but instead, can be taught to enjoy church as a family event, not only a grown-up event.

Homeschooling. Homeschooling provides children with quality education that simply cannot be matched in a private/public school setting.

Children are to be enjoyed. We live in a time where children are viewed as an inconvenience. This should not be so.

Forget the parenting books. I believe that we ought to put our faith in God’s Word and the quality people he’s placed around us to counsel us as opposed to methods and rules given by “experts” that only speak from their personal experiences.

Don’t get caught up in a trend. We must reconnect with the art of parenting (focused entirely on honoring the Lord with our decisions), not the trend of parenting (which focuses on playing the part of a hip, social role).

This really helped me to remember what my goals are, where I am headed and with whom this journey effects. I love to meet someone (or get a birdseye view) and see their journey. The intertwining of God’s people is so evident these days. With the technology we have (loved this blog) one of the upsides is that we can be in constant contact with and constantly surrounded by people that are living in the midst of what God has called them to do. Really, the honest truth is that there is no reason for God’s people to be in a constant state of discouragement. We have so much inspiration and so many examples around us to be continuously lifted up. It is even possible to silently be mentored. This sweet mama has been an amazing source for many parts of parenting and the importance of family – I have never met her and she doesn’t have any idea what a difference she has made in the way I mama my babes. This dear friend and beautiful mama is one of the ones that is right beside me, embarking on this new journey of motherhood together. Oh, how special it is to have someone to go through this new season with. This mama is one of those “how in the world do you do it” super moms that I strive to catch up with. Her dedication to her sweet babies and her devotion to her husband is one of the most beautiful views of our purpose as women on this earth. If anyone is fulfilling the call it is this one. In all of this understanding of the great support and inspiration around me, there is not ever enough to be said about my own mother, who has sacrificed so much to be obedient to God in everything. She is the number one inspiration in my life. She is the best example of living a life dedicated to the people around her. In my long strange road to becoming a mama, she was right by my side. She always says, a mother has to be mothered to learn how to mother. Phew is that true. I don’t know what I would have done if she hadn’t been a comfort to me while I was learning to comfort a new life.

The reason this post began was because I have realized that no matter what goes on around me and what crazy things shake my world that I always have the ones around me who have done it before. 

This is what I will be thinking about today:

Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God. Titus 2:3-5

I hope you find all the encouragement you need this week!


4 thoughts on “Some encouragement…

  1. great post!I believe that there is no other relationship we will ever have like the relationship with Christ & our husbands (as a matter of fact… I have a draft in my blog of this very thing that I plan to post in the new year). They are 2 relationships that we must never neglect or take for granted… even for a moment!!

    Although I don’t think that choosing to bottle feed or receive something as simple as an epidural makes you any less of a better mother than someone who chooses otherwise, I do respect anyone that is doing what they feel is best for their children. There are things that we do once our children are born, or even in the womb that are more dangerous/neglectful than how we choose to feed or birth. But again… I would never discredit anyone doing what is the healthiest alternative!!

    sooo, so true about the fact that children are absolutely being viewed as an inconvenience! I’ve learned more in this past year about truly enjoying my children at every stage of their childhood. They are miracles, gifts from our Creator… how dare we view them as merely interuptions to our daily lives?!

    & you are so right… with the blog world, the growing church, etc… inspiration is all around us! It’s beautiful & uplifting. I love it. I think that connecting to godly women, traveling a similar journey (motherhood, wifedom, etc), is a great way to be silently mentored. Too bad a lot of them will never know how God is using them to touch other women… complete strangers!

  2. Hmmmm this was so nice. Refreshing. Gives me some good insite on what to think about in this new adventure of motherhood. I love you ladies!!

  3. oh… & by the way… don’t ever underestimate YOUR influence on all of us! You’ve been my support system since becoming a part of Living Word… my voice of reason, my inspiration to keep up the race in this journey with God!! You’ve played an incredible role in my life & my walk with God in the past year.

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