Cleaner than clean…

So, I am on this slow venture to becoming chemical free in all of the products used around our house.

To clear up any confusion:

Yes, I’m a little stranger than most. (you had fair warning of this when I began this blog)

No, I’m really not one of those crazy hippies who don’t shower.

I do in fact, feel that it is important to take the best care of your family as you possibly can. Even if this means going against the grain of the trend in our society. I am on a mission to stay balanced in a world that is extreme in one direction or another.

So, back to my point. Thus far I have started making my own laundry detergent, (thanks to Jenn and Tipnut – one of the best resources I’ve seen), fabric softener, and stain remover. This is my first week washing my hair and body with homemade shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. (You wouldn’t believe what all they put in that stuff. Not to mention the amount of build in the pores of your scalp… yuck) The only thing that I am stuck on buying already made is face wash and moisturizer. I have been a Burts Bees user since I could remember. Scarlet uses the same homemade soaps in her baths. She uses Burts for everything else. Though it is more expensive, I am hooked.

A while back I attempted at making my own deoderant. It wasn’t great. I will soon try again using this lady’s advice.

Here’s my list of things still to convert:

1. Hand soap

2. Dish washing liquid – seems to be the one I am most nervous about

3. All- purpose cleaner

4. Baby wipes – attempted these in the past, they’re tricky.

5. Disinfectant – there is actually natural disinfectant that is not Clorox

Things I’m not sure I’m interested in making:

1. Shaving cream

2. Lotion – of course I use Burts right now, but there is the idea of using pure shea butter.

3. Toothpaste – not so much… maybe we’ll just by the expensive organic kind.

I really like the idea of all the products in my house either being made by me or being made with ingredients I can prenownce. Not to mention the huge amount of money I have already saved on the products I have made!

Yay for being cleaner than clean!


3 thoughts on “Cleaner than clean…

  1. Rock on! I’m with you on this quest. And for the things I either can’t make or just don’t want to attempt, Seventh Generation is a brand I’m comfortable with. All their products are safe, so safe that their labels warning for ingestion just says “flush with water”!

  2. I’m going to have to request that you speak with Dee. She sells Arbonne products, which are all natural. The lotions don’t contain all of the animal by-products, and they even have face wash and moisturizers that work, and are natural. I use some of the products (I love the lotion) and they really do work. And I’m not even a dirty hippie like you. ❤

  3. Well, maybe one day I’ll have enough time to do this but for now I just find that I really don’t mind buying the other products. But, hey more power to you especially if you are saving money — that’s awesome!

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