Guest: My Sweet Hubby

I really didn’t want to get into the middle of this, but since my sweet, sweet wife interjected my name and is coercing me about what I think… here it goes:

The use of wisdom is the ability to apply Godly, spiritual knowledge (really, the only kind that matters) that we have gained. And, logic equals a physical substitute for faith. Faith, which is, as we know, THE spiritual force that creates and was used, by G-d to create matter, light, etc… BUT! I guess the real question is : What does it really mean to “trust G-d”? Scary question, huh? Heheh, I guess we first have to admit to ourselves whether or not we are afraid to ask ourselves this question and to face any shame/guilt we might be hiding about the fact that we aren’t really trusting in Him >.< Hmm…well if you think about it, is the true root of the problem fear?

Back to the Issue at hand. Now…

I’m not saying anyone is “in sin” or in rebellion to use logic, just each according to his/her own spiritual maturity level and knowledge of The Word of G-d. So… in saying this, if you aren’t sure what the correct way to do things are, in the mean-time using your best judgment, while you are researching and seeking G-d’s will for your life (which is now joined with your spouses – BTW) via the Bible and prayer. First, I suggest you start by calming yourself, and all the noise of the world that is flying around in your head, by using the Peace of G-d for whatever it is that is perplexing you. I personally think that Christ created the body like it is and it is supposed to function as it does so already, apart from chemicals or altered hormones found in man-made contraceptives. There are “natural” methods of birth-control that can be used along with the understanding of the human body. I, personally, believe that these are better to use, that is if you are going to use anything at all. Once again, this goes back to what I said about logic vs. wisdom. Oh, and don’t forget to throw free-will in the mix. Free-will being the G-d -given ability to make choices. “Free-will”… such a beautiful and dangerous (sometimes even deadly) thing. Heh heh, babies don’t just happen… there was a choice somewhere along the way. You get my drift. If you want to look at this in black and white, which most things in this world, save The Word Of G-d, aren’t… have a lot of sex with your spouse and “… be fruitful and multiply”. Oh’ and in my honest opinion G-d is neither cruel nor blind. I don’t think He would send a baby spirit into this world without a plan and the means necessary for that child to be well taken care of and trained-up “in The Way that they should go”. All of this being said with the hope that the parents free-will doesn’t hinder this.

Logic vs. Wisdom, selfishness vs. selflessness, free-will and trust… all pretty scary things to ponder, let alone facing them as the monsters that we let them become in our subconscious’. I say we should swallow it the best we can and start somewhere… Pray and read, those are the best ways I know to figure out what G-d wants us to do. Key-word, “wants”…. heheh there I go again with that “free-will” stuff o.O*



* Oh, and just so everyones clear, this is my opinion based of my experiences and suggestions based on those experience. Those experiences being mine, take ’em or leave ’em. I won’t feel get my little feelings hurt. These points were not said with the intention of singling out anyone replying to the associated  blog entry first posted by my wife on this subject matter. 🙂


Nesting for life…

So, I read this article in one of the back issues of Martha Stewart Baby. (Super cool baby ideas -btw) It was about pregnant women that start “nesting” and never really stop. It said that a lot of women before getting pregnant never really cared about handmade items for their baby. But statistics of women becoming crafty during their pregnancy is astounding. This is super interesting to me. I have watched this happen so many times. I think it is the neatest part of the process of becoming a mother. It is the sweetest thing to a new mother to be gifted with handmade gifts. Creating something completely unique for your sweet baby, that is made straight from your heart, is one of the greatest thrills of motherhood. I remember crocheting Scarlet’s first blanket. I would sit in the rocking chair in her room and watch my hands move while wondering what she would look like, or how it would feel next to her skin. Then, when she was born, it was one of the first things she was wrapped in. It’s an amazing feeling to see your new babe wrapped in something “momma-made.” 

Today has been lots of moving, unpacking, and organizing baby goodies. I am moving right into the nesting phase. But as I read this article and looked back over my time since becoming a mother, I have realized that “nesting” has never really stopped. I am constantly creating something, organizing another thing, making this better or that easier. Really that is how I live and it came with Scarlet, who made me a mother. Every handmade gift is cherished. She gets surrounded with as much “momma-made” stuff as possible. I have begun to work harder at being sure this baby gets the same wonderful treatment. 🙂 Today I bought a beautiful new (well – thrifted – new to me) blue quilt from Suzy’s. (Oh, someday there should be a whole post about Suzanna’s Antiques. Super amazing place.) It fits perfectly on Scarlet’s bed. It was exactly what was missing in her room. Believe it or not, it was on the”before the baby comes” list. Actually, many of the things on the list have more to do with her than the baby. All in all, by the time we have a new life there will also be a beautifully organized home. That is the plan. 🙂

So, for all your pregos out there (and there are quite a few), don’t be afraid to spend this sweet time (time that you’ll never get back – might I add)  to learn something new. Create. Ask for handmade love for your baby. You might just be surprised how much it means to you when the time comes to adorn your most precious baby in “momma-made” goodies. Get to nesting!

Lesson Learned & More to be Learned…

I love this season. So much celebration. So much time to reflect on the years past and dream about the year in front of me. I will get to the point of this post eventually. But I want to say that I have really been thinking and answering these questions about the year 2008. I’ve realized how many ideas and dreams that I had that ended up being only good intentions. Some of it I can blame on being pregnant and having a sweet baby to chase after. Although, I can look back and remember many conversations with Joseph, dreaming about how I wanted to manage my home, how I wanted to raise my babies, and all the other “strange to most people” things that are important to me. In all of those conversations I heard him say, “Why don’t you do it?” And my reply would most likely be, “I don’t know how and I don’t know where to learn or who to learn from.” Really, that was my excuse for not seeking out the people I need to help me. It sounds so silly in my head, to walk up to someone and say, “Will you teach me this?” or “Will you show me how you do that?” But the truth is, that is why God surrounded me with amazing, smart, older women who are willing to help raise another generation of women to accomplish the role of mother, lover, sister, and friend. So, all that rambling to say, I believe the number one thing I learned in 2008 is that I can’t do what I dream until I am willing to say, “I need help.” Not all things I can teach myself. (I am most defenantly a hands-on, visual learner!) I’ve very much realized that my dreams haven’t become a reality because I thought I could juggle everything by myself, with no one’s help. When the truth is: What good is knowing something unless you teach someone else and let it live on in another generation. I imagine it is a mother’s glory to be able to pass on whatever she learned from her mother to her daughter. How neat, to know that one day Scarlet will be cooking the same Chicken Noodle Soup when her babies aren’t feeling their best. Again, I am rambling. Point is, this has been my realization. Going forward, I am seeing (even more than here) what precious gifts people are in my life. Not only who they are but what knowledge and wisdom, gifts and talents they can pass on to continuously be helpful to new generations of mommas.

After all of that, I am deciding what in 2009 I am needing to learn or glean from someone else. Luckily, I have girls that will go on these crazy ventures with me. And not think I am totally loony when I start washing my hair with vinager. 🙂 This post has been very helpful in helping others understand why it is important to me. It seems I am in the business of reviving lost arts. Like, the art of sewing and needlework. Or the art of “Putting Food By.” Gosh, so much stuff that would make a different kind of momma, one who has gleaned the good from generations past and isn’t afraid to pass up the “trend” of society for the benefit of her family.

This is my goal and where my head has been for the past few days. I will update you on exactly what my “List of Things to Learn in 2009” looks like. 

Sometimes my ramblings can be so terribly strange. Thanks for taking the time to read the process of stuff running around in my head get poured into this crazy blog. It’s really for my benefit. See, now my head doesn’t feel like a gum ball machine being shaken violently.

Okay, so, it’s late and my imagination is a little wild. Must be all that insomnia, due to this little guy squirming around in my belly. Phew. Pray for sleep please. 🙂