Nesting for life…

So, I read this article in one of the back issues of Martha Stewart Baby. (Super cool baby ideas -btw) It was about pregnant women that start “nesting” and never really stop. It said that a lot of women before getting pregnant never really cared about handmade items for their baby. But statistics of women becoming crafty during their pregnancy is astounding. This is super interesting to me. I have watched this happen so many times. I think it is the neatest part of the process of becoming a mother. It is the sweetest thing to a new mother to be gifted with handmade gifts. Creating something completely unique for your sweet baby, that is made straight from your heart, is one of the greatest thrills of motherhood. I remember crocheting Scarlet’s first blanket. I would sit in the rocking chair in her room and watch my hands move while wondering what she would look like, or how it would feel next to her skin. Then, when she was born, it was one of the first things she was wrapped in. It’s an amazing feeling to see your new babe wrapped in something “momma-made.” 

Today has been lots of moving, unpacking, and organizing baby goodies. I am moving right into the nesting phase. But as I read this article and looked back over my time since becoming a mother, I have realized that “nesting” has never really stopped. I am constantly creating something, organizing another thing, making this better or that easier. Really that is how I live and it came with Scarlet, who made me a mother. Every handmade gift is cherished. She gets surrounded with as much “momma-made” stuff as possible. I have begun to work harder at being sure this baby gets the same wonderful treatment. 🙂 Today I bought a beautiful new (well – thrifted – new to me) blue quilt from Suzy’s. (Oh, someday there should be a whole post about Suzanna’s Antiques. Super amazing place.) It fits perfectly on Scarlet’s bed. It was exactly what was missing in her room. Believe it or not, it was on the”before the baby comes” list. Actually, many of the things on the list have more to do with her than the baby. All in all, by the time we have a new life there will also be a beautifully organized home. That is the plan. 🙂

So, for all your pregos out there (and there are quite a few), don’t be afraid to spend this sweet time (time that you’ll never get back – might I add)  to learn something new. Create. Ask for handmade love for your baby. You might just be surprised how much it means to you when the time comes to adorn your most precious baby in “momma-made” goodies. Get to nesting!


1 thought on “Nesting for life…

  1. Well… I’m definitely nesting. I’ve washed, scrubbed, dusted, rearranged, everything in my house!! However, I think it’s a lot harder to take on tideous projects when you are dealing with more than one little munchkin (that are fully mobile).I really wish I had the time… there is so much I’d like to do (handmade stuff, etc.), but life with more than one leaves little time for a lot of crafts. I feel relieved/good to get in my time with God, spend the time with my husband that it takes to keep our marriage thriving, & get some reading done. Maybe I should let go of my anal behavior of having my house so clean & take time to take on at least one project. These busy times with small children is just a season (I was just talking to Kim about this last night), so maybe I’ll get to dive into some more crafts in a few years.

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