Guest: My Sweet Hubby

I really didn’t want to get into the middle of this, but since my sweet, sweet wife interjected my name and is coercing me about what I think… here it goes:

The use of wisdom is the ability to apply Godly, spiritual knowledge (really, the only kind that matters) that we have gained. And, logic equals a physical substitute for faith. Faith, which is, as we know, THE spiritual force that creates and was used, by G-d to create matter, light, etc… BUT! I guess the real question is : What does it really mean to “trust G-d”? Scary question, huh? Heheh, I guess we first have to admit to ourselves whether or not we are afraid to ask ourselves this question and to face any shame/guilt we might be hiding about the fact that we aren’t really trusting in Him >.< Hmm…well if you think about it, is the true root of the problem fear?

Back to the Issue at hand. Now…

I’m not saying anyone is “in sin” or in rebellion to use logic, just each according to his/her own spiritual maturity level and knowledge of The Word of G-d. So… in saying this, if you aren’t sure what the correct way to do things are, in the mean-time using your best judgment, while you are researching and seeking G-d’s will for your life (which is now joined with your spouses – BTW) via the Bible and prayer. First, I suggest you start by calming yourself, and all the noise of the world that is flying around in your head, by using the Peace of G-d for whatever it is that is perplexing you. I personally think that Christ created the body like it is and it is supposed to function as it does so already, apart from chemicals or altered hormones found in man-made contraceptives. There are “natural” methods of birth-control that can be used along with the understanding of the human body. I, personally, believe that these are better to use, that is if you are going to use anything at all. Once again, this goes back to what I said about logic vs. wisdom. Oh, and don’t forget to throw free-will in the mix. Free-will being the G-d -given ability to make choices. “Free-will”… such a beautiful and dangerous (sometimes even deadly) thing. Heh heh, babies don’t just happen… there was a choice somewhere along the way. You get my drift. If you want to look at this in black and white, which most things in this world, save The Word Of G-d, aren’t… have a lot of sex with your spouse and “… be fruitful and multiply”. Oh’ and in my honest opinion G-d is neither cruel nor blind. I don’t think He would send a baby spirit into this world without a plan and the means necessary for that child to be well taken care of and trained-up “in The Way that they should go”. All of this being said with the hope that the parents free-will doesn’t hinder this.

Logic vs. Wisdom, selfishness vs. selflessness, free-will and trust… all pretty scary things to ponder, let alone facing them as the monsters that we let them become in our subconscious’. I say we should swallow it the best we can and start somewhere… Pray and read, those are the best ways I know to figure out what G-d wants us to do. Key-word, “wants”…. heheh there I go again with that “free-will” stuff o.O*



* Oh, and just so everyones clear, this is my opinion based of my experiences and suggestions based on those experience. Those experiences being mine, take ’em or leave ’em. I won’t feel get my little feelings hurt. These points were not said with the intention of singling out anyone replying to the associated  blog entry first posted by my wife on this subject matter. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Guest: My Sweet Hubby

  1. maybe I just have some strong opinions about this… & I know that God speaks to us INDIVIDUALLY & that we shouldn’t push a word from God in our lives onto someone else’s, because we could be causing damage to another individual, but I have to say this…

    you talk of spiritual maturity, but there is also maturity based on age & experience (though not necessarily ‘godly’, it does have many advantages… Job 12:12). There is no way to anticipate the stress, energy, money, etc it takes to raise lots of children when you have none, or even just 1. It’s easy to form an opinion on reproduction when you aren’t living in the midst of it, i.e.- when you are leaving all of your children here & there while you work to pay for their existance, while you struggle to divide your time with them in order to form a much needed relationship with them individually, while you neglect your own health/marriage/etc. in order to do what is called of you as a parent. There are so many factors. Not to say that younger couples are oblivious to reality, but I can tell you that my position on birth control & God’s ‘opening & closing’ of my womb has changed a lot in the past few years of raising more than 1 child. I couldn’t have visualized or been aware of all of the factors included in bringing lots of children into our family (that WE are responsible for… not the government, not our parents, not our church).

    & for the record… we relied on “natural” methods of birth control (with extreme intelligence in this area due to prior situations), & it worked… for about 2 years. It’s not as reliable as people would like to think.

    I’ve thought alot about this subject since reading the other young mother’s blog tagged in Tabitha’s. I have prayed about whether it’s an opinion or a godly decision… this issue of birth control. I noticed that it seems as though the most spiritually mature people in our church have taken their God given brains to make sound & healthy decisions, & have had vasectomy’s/etc.

    I definitely support the fact that Christians should be the one’s reproducing!! I just think that there are extreme’s to certain opinions & that by connecting these opinions to God, we could be sending the wrong message to people about what God’s real concerns for our life is.

    I don’t necessarily think that I am right & you are wrong, I’ve been around long enough to know that I don’t know even a little bit as much as I think I do at the moment. Just my opinion.

  2. Birth control. There is only one proven form of it… Abstinence. The slightest chance that any contraceptive may or may not work leaves the door open to the fact that it may or may not work.

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