My belly + two girls… phew.


Between my massive belly, a child who can’t sit still, and another who is going through more “new sibling on the way” symptoms than the baby’s actual sibling… my goal is to stay calm, breathe, find some sort of beauty to focus on. Some days it really does work out that way and others I just lose it and have to lay everyone down and have some “cool off” time. Today is one of those days and this blog is many times where I turn to for “cool off time.” 

We have been actively changing many of the ways we do things to include Macky and Scarlet. It is a process that forces us (the adults) to learn patience. It’s not always the most convenient thing to have little hands in the dinner making process or “helping” with the dishes. But the immediate change in their attitude and their motor skills has been so amazing to see. In just a few days they have both become more independent, but happily so. Nobody has forced them to do anything, we always help when they ask, but they have literally begged us to move to a different level. 


This is one of the scenes of our day since the weather has decided to be nice. It’s been a whole lot of drawing, creating, and exploring. Scarlet’s Gran and Granddad blessed us with the coolest little table for the girls. We have spent quite a bit of time at that little table making, playing, and learning how to drink out of real cups. 🙂 

Even in the midst of the tougher days like today, it is such a blessing to have these beautiful little feet pitter-pattering through the house with so much anticipation and excitement that this day will hold something new. They are like little sponges, soaking up everything we dare to throw their way.


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