– dancing the blues away –

Oh yes. In our house there is typically music, singing and dancing. It’s not quite my style to be so outlandish, but what can I say, If you lived with two of the silliest people on the planet you would give in to. 

Sometimes I just let Scarlet take the lead. We both end up twirling until we fall down laughing. Laughter is good… like a medicine. It chases the blues far away. 

What are we dancing to, you might ask? 

Dancing the blues away today with some Ingrid Michaelson! LOVE this girl!

I hope you find time to stop and dance today!


You are my Sunshine…

Oh sweet sunshine,  are we glad to see you!



Adelai’s one month birthday was yesterday. He seems to be growing so much faster than Scarlet did. Or… maybe it’s that I don’t as much time to sit and oh and ah over him like I did with Scarlet. We have our sweet little moments in between all the toddler entertainment going on around the house.
Oh, yes. By the way, Miss Rayne has discovered her gift of making people laugh… just like her dad. She throws her arms behind her in a superman-like motion and declares “SuperGirl!!!!” as she takes off through the house. I believe that has been her way of coping with a new sibling and still getting attention. She’s even created her own theme song!
I have found a great little park with lots of space and places for Scarlet to explore and I’ve decided that is where you can find me this summer. It will be a perfect little place for us to get out and see the sunshine. 
I’m breaking down and buying a new camera charger tomorrow. I’m going through serious photography with drawl. Many more pictures to come!

Doing the Shuffle…

Adelai Valiant Suo

Born on April 23rd at 3:52 am

7 pounds 14 ounces

19 inches long



Yes, I had the idea for quite a while. It was a good one too. It would’ve been perfect. Can you see it? This long post about how siblings have to do the shuffle when new babes are born into the family. I was going to post about how Scarlet was doing with the new baby and what it’s like to witness the shuffle taking place. But as it turns out, Scarlet has been doing a big shuffle, but do you know who has done a bigger shuffle?? That’s right, Momma. 

It never crossed my mind to prepare myself for a huge shift in our family life. We prepared Scarlet, oh how we prepared her. And I’m sure it’s been helpful that she was ready. She has adjusted very well, a few things we’ve noticed and had to figure out how to deal with, but over all she’s been great. But me? Let’s just say it’s been 2 weeks and 3 days since Adi was born and over half of that time was spent sitting and feeding him. Yep, I’m sure that God thought it would be hilarious to send down a barracuda baby to eat from morning to night. That’s been an adjustment. My dishes and laundry spent much of that time doing… well, nothing at all. Piling up, that’s about it. Not to mention in all of the ruckus we  I totally lost the camera charger cord thing. So, this two weeks was spent with pretty much no pictures of our new little man. Which is the ultimate nightmare of a constant picture taker, like me. Joseph took no time off from work, so he’s doing a dance of his own trying to balance work, home and the cd project. I know it is the silliest thing for all you organized people out there, but honestly, in the 9 months I had to prepare myself for this change in my life I never thought about all the stuff that happens to a mother after a new life enters the family. Now, looking back, I remember when Scarlet was born there was a major shuffle that happened even with just Joseph and I. It wasn’t just the two of us any more. We were a family of three. Somehow that slipped my mind this time.

Incase you think this is super depressing and Tabitha is having a severely hard time managing, let me tell you, in the past few days (after I decided to stop having a severely hard time managing 🙂 ) I’ve made the decision to get myself in the middle of this currant and allow myself to do the shuffle. I usually try and fight those currants of change. But this time I’m deciding to relax in it and see where I end up. I’m finding a rhythm to my days with two babes. Becoming more creative about how we do things. It really is becoming a beautiful thing. Birthing the baby is just the first mountain of parenting to climb. Sometimes it seems like an ongoing goofy dance where I keep stepping on feet and then getting comfortable just in time for the dance to change.

So, my friendly advise to all the preggos out there… get ready to do the shuffle.