You are my Sunshine…

Oh sweet sunshine,  are we glad to see you!



Adelai’s one month birthday was yesterday. He seems to be growing so much faster than Scarlet did. Or… maybe it’s that I don’t as much time to sit and oh and ah over him like I did with Scarlet. We have our sweet little moments in between all the toddler entertainment going on around the house.
Oh, yes. By the way, Miss Rayne has discovered her gift of making people laugh… just like her dad. She throws her arms behind her in a superman-like motion and declares “SuperGirl!!!!” as she takes off through the house. I believe that has been her way of coping with a new sibling and still getting attention. She’s even created her own theme song!
I have found a great little park with lots of space and places for Scarlet to explore and I’ve decided that is where you can find me this summer. It will be a perfect little place for us to get out and see the sunshine. 
I’m breaking down and buying a new camera charger tomorrow. I’m going through serious photography with drawl. Many more pictures to come!

One thought on “You are my Sunshine…

  1. I love your cute little family. Adelai’s toes are cute, I love hearing how everyone is doing and how it is having two kids!!! SOUNDS CRAZY but amazing.

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