– dancing the blues away –

Oh yes. In our house there is typically music, singing and dancing. It’s not quite my style to be so outlandish, but what can I say, If you lived with two of the silliest people on the planet you would give in to. 

Sometimes I just let Scarlet take the lead. We both end up twirling until we fall down laughing. Laughter is good… like a medicine. It chases the blues far away. 

What are we dancing to, you might ask? 

Dancing the blues away today with some Ingrid Michaelson! LOVE this girl!

I hope you find time to stop and dance today!


2 thoughts on “– dancing the blues away –

  1. that is SO awesome!! i just discovered her music.. maybe a month ago? and yes!! she is fantastic 😀 so cool; dancing babies are the best!

  2. awesome. i like that song it is sweet. Your family is adorable I want your phone # tabby so i can call you… we are thinking about moving to NC!!

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