Full of Good Stuff!

We found the camera charger!!! 



What exactly is going on around here??? Well, lets see…



:: Planting & Harvesting



:: Birdwatching



:: Napping whenever possible




:: Exploring

Life is such a gift. In the midst of many adjustments in many areas of our life, I never want to forget what a beautiful life I have. These kids are amazing and Joseph is my hero and this life… God truly handed me the very best. 

I hope that your life is full of good stuff. 🙂 


3 thoughts on “Full of Good Stuff!

  1. Hi Tabitha, This is Tia, Dominic’s sister

    You have such a blessed looking family!

    I love how you make stuff for your home, we are much the same in that way! I got married on May 30th and I just found out that Duncan and I are going to have a baby, due around March 7th…

    Jesus bless! Tia

  2. you’re so great. You don’t forget your blessings, even in the midst of “adjustments”. God always works it all out & life returns to normal… only with extra blessings.

    I love all of the pics… except for the first one… sheesh. That one is just scary. haha.

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