The charger destroying elf has struck again…

Our laptop charger decided to melt around the wires last week. Crazy, I know. So, here we are again.
I haven’t forgotten about this little space. I should be back next week!


Around the House…

Wanna know what’s going on around the house this week?



DSCF7392   :: Cleaning! Miss Rayne LOVES to get out her bottle filled with half vinegar and half water (a great cleaner that is safe for children, by the way) and her rag and clean every glass and wood surface in the house!



:: Washing! Adelai has outgrown his small prefolds and is now on to the larger kind. (time to go pull the pocket diapers out of storage!) Of course, I needed help stripping and washing the small ones for the next baby. (Did I just say that?!) So, she ran and got her buckets and her soap from the bathroom and scrub scrub scrubbed the diapers! She loved this! This is the first time she’s ever done a wash. 



:: Discovering the Mirror! This is Miss Rayne’s new favorite thing to do. She LOVES to dress up and run to the mirror to see how she looks. The first picture is when she got a new dress, handmade from her Gran! (I should really take a picture of her whole summer wardrobe… so much cute mama-made and Gran-made stuff!) The second picture is her being a bunny for her Daddy.

And last but not least!!! *drum roll* 


:: Her new KITCHEN! From Suzy’s Antiques, of course. Actually, the apron is from Suzy’s… and the furniture around it… and pretty much most everything in my house. 

She LOVES her new kitchen. I took the advice of this awesome mama and decided it was time she had her own kitchen. This has been perfect, except for her being too short to reach the top cabinets. But the stool works great and actually she enjoys getting on and off the stool. This is probably the best thing she’s ever gotten. She’s played with this and fixed her own meals from here everyday this week. 


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~ Raising Rayne


The past few weeks Joseph and I have decided to stand back a little and watch Scarlet. Montessori believes that if you observe the child it allows them to show you how they learn, what they learn from, and how quickly they are capable of learning it. We’ve realized with Scarlet, that she learns much quicker once we remove ourselves and our control of the situation. We stand back and watch her do things like dress herself, brush her hair, and take a bath. It’s amazing what children are capable of at such a young age. The frustrations of “I want to do it myself!” are gone. Although, I constantly have to fight wanting to do it for her because she’s not doing it the way I would. 😉 One of the things we have yet to figure out is how to handle those things that she just can’t do on her own yet. Like, picking up a pen and drawing all over Mama’s favorite (vintage) Cookbook. We still use the time out method or “reminder” method for these types of situations. We have created an environment that is very organized, clean, and easy for her to learn in. She can grab anything and play or learn with it. The other frustration we have is how to successfully leave that environment and enter the world, where she can’t see and touch everything. There are way more “no don’t touch that’s” and “Scarlet, stay here’s” outside than there are in the safety of our home. 

I also see that most people do not use the Montessori method to homeschool. Most of Montessori is about the freedom in the classroom and the teacher’s sole job is to allow the children room to learn. It’s hard to juggle that + laundry + nursing + dishes + this errand + that errand + nursing (did I mention… nursing?). I would really like her to be around other kids in a montessori evironment and see how she does. There should really be a montessori homeschooling play group around here! 

Many people have asked us about the Waldorf method and if we use it. I would say that we have pulled many ideas between Waldorf and Montessori and are sort of trying to feel it out and find a perfect fit for us, our family, and our beliefs. One of the things that concerns us about the Waldorf method is how much imaginative play they say to encourage upon the child. We totally love her using her imagination to play and very much encourage her to do so. We just have seen people use this method who get so much into make-believe that they can’t find reality when the time is right. I have a whole theory on Santa and all that (mentally saved for another day) that is a really easy way for Christians to introduce there kids to Santa or the Easter Bunny without lying to them or causing confusion later in their life.


We are moving through this journey as parents and in many ways we’ve found our groove. In other ways, we are working to find the groove. Do you have any good advice, experience, or… (ahem)  silly make-believe hats… you would like to share? I’d love to hear what works for you. Going against the grain is not always easy. I do wish it was easier to connect with other Alternative Parents both locally and over this blog world.  

Hope you have a sunny day!

Crochet Goodness!

Bailey has found her new favorite spot in the house. 


This is my rug I mentioned here.  I had so much fun working on this. I used the tutorial from this fabulous lady, bought sheets from goodwill at $1.50 a piece and went to work. It is a double crochet stitch with a really big crochet needle. What you see is three different sheets. I’m going to keep working on it in my free-time (what free-time!?!?) and make it pretty big. I think it would also be pretty easy to make it a rectangle instead of a circle. This is a great ongoing project, super easy and a super inexpensive homemade rug! Let me know if you do this!

There’s a first time for everything…


Going to a movie is not my idea of a fun, adventurous afternoon, but we decided that she would probably love to see Ice Age in 3D. So we did it… 


These pictures were taken at the beginning of the movie. She LOVED looking at all the animals and sitting around the other children watching the movie. But by the end of it…. whew… I was covered in Dr. Pepper and she spilled her apple juice so she ended up walking out in her undies. But I think she had the time of her life. As soon as she saw the mammoth she made this very loud whooooooo!!!!! sound that the whole place could here… she, of course, was being an elephant!


It seems like in our little groove of life we always end up in some beautiful mess. Sticky and naked, but happy as a clam!!

A + A = Love

Adelai’s very first date! 


Yes, we believe in prearranged marriage. (I don’t know that this sweet little girl’s daddy agrees. Shhh!!!)


Big Sister didn’t agree either. 


She’s so proud to hold him and kiss him!

DSCF7308Ya gotta love friends that go on crazy car-packed mom adventures and push through all the “oh my gosh, I have KIDS” thoughts that hit every once in a while. Thank God for the girls I’ve got around me – going through this new mommyhood phase right beside me.