A + A = Love

Adelai’s very first date! 


Yes, we believe in prearranged marriage. (I don’t know that this sweet little girl’s daddy agrees. Shhh!!!)


Big Sister didn’t agree either. 


She’s so proud to hold him and kiss him!

DSCF7308Ya gotta love friends that go on crazy car-packed mom adventures and push through all the “oh my gosh, I have KIDS” thoughts that hit every once in a while. Thank God for the girls I’ve got around me – going through this new mommyhood phase right beside me. 


3 thoughts on “A + A = Love

  1. He is getting so big already! Lincoln had that same little red onezie, i think it came in a three pack or something. I miss him being that little. What an adorable little man you have, i cant wait to meet him!

  2. lol this was great….and Chris said he needs to sit down and have a heart to heart on what your sons intentions are : )

  3. Oh, your children are beautiful!!!
    lol yup I think my mama friends and I have done a little “prearranging” with our childrens future marriages too! : )

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