Crochet Goodness!

Bailey has found her new favorite spot in the house. 


This is my rug I mentioned here.  I had so much fun working on this. I used the tutorial from this fabulous lady, bought sheets from goodwill at $1.50 a piece and went to work. It is a double crochet stitch with a really big crochet needle. What you see is three different sheets. I’m going to keep working on it in my free-time (what free-time!?!?) and make it pretty big. I think it would also be pretty easy to make it a rectangle instead of a circle. This is a great ongoing project, super easy and a super inexpensive homemade rug! Let me know if you do this!


4 thoughts on “Crochet Goodness!

  1. You have got to be the coolest chic I know. But I hate you right now. haha. In 60 days I’m moving into a house with an entire downstairs of hardwood floors… I’m out pricing (& jaw dropping at the prices!!) of at a bare minimum, 2 large area rugs, & at least 1 runner…. & here you are making them for $1.50. You’re creativity & skill makes me wanna just be Tabitha for a day… or for however long it takes to tackle a couple of these friggin’ awesome projects. You never cease to amaze me! You rock lady.

  2. Love it! Super cute I love to crochet, but the only things I’ve ever made are scarfs, which are super easy and a long way from an entire rug. You should be very proud of yourself. Your one smart Moma.

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