Around the House…

Wanna know what’s going on around the house this week?



DSCF7392   :: Cleaning! Miss Rayne LOVES to get out her bottle filled with half vinegar and half water (a great cleaner that is safe for children, by the way) and her rag and clean every glass and wood surface in the house!



:: Washing! Adelai has outgrown his small prefolds and is now on to the larger kind. (time to go pull the pocket diapers out of storage!) Of course, I needed help stripping and washing the small ones for the next baby. (Did I just say that?!) So, she ran and got her buckets and her soap from the bathroom and scrub scrub scrubbed the diapers! She loved this! This is the first time she’s ever done a wash. 



:: Discovering the Mirror! This is Miss Rayne’s new favorite thing to do. She LOVES to dress up and run to the mirror to see how she looks. The first picture is when she got a new dress, handmade from her Gran! (I should really take a picture of her whole summer wardrobe… so much cute mama-made and Gran-made stuff!) The second picture is her being a bunny for her Daddy.

And last but not least!!! *drum roll* 


:: Her new KITCHEN! From Suzy’s Antiques, of course. Actually, the apron is from Suzy’s… and the furniture around it… and pretty much most everything in my house. 

She LOVES her new kitchen. I took the advice of this awesome mama and decided it was time she had her own kitchen. This has been perfect, except for her being too short to reach the top cabinets. But the stool works great and actually she enjoys getting on and off the stool. This is probably the best thing she’s ever gotten. She’s played with this and fixed her own meals from here everyday this week. 


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2 thoughts on “Around the House…

  1. Tabby, I really love the way you do things around your house. What does your typical day consist of? What kind of things do you do with Scarlet? She seems very bright and independent! I would love to learn a thing or two from you!

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