Getting our Groove Back

So this is how it went… 

I took a job. A night job, 9:30 pm – 5:30 am. I kept saying it was only for four weeks. I could do anything for four weeks. The job? Oh, the job was fun. I loved getting back out into the job world (even if it was in the middle of the night) But in trying to balance sleep, work, babes and home it wasn’t doable. I didn’t even finish out the job, but in the past four weeks my plants have died, my meal plans are all messed up, our laundry is in all kinds of weird places, and my body (and Adelai’s food source)  is still recovering from the weird sleep schedule. In the midst of that, Joseph has been working 50 hours a week plus trying to get in about 10 hours in the studio. Why did I think that job would be a good decision? Because I didn’t fully understand my role in our home right now. I realized that whether I like it or not (I do like it most of the time) I am the center of our home. Everyday when I wake up (or come home from work) I set the mood around the house. Joseph does have an amazing closeness to both of his kids in a different way, but many times through the week when he just can’t be here, I become the glue between him and them. I become the glue that bonds us all together into an intertwined, knit together… family. It’s a challenging, exciting place to be in. I have so much purpose in being wife, mother, and homemaker and that makes me feel good and know that I am needed. But it also means that just because there is something I would like to do or I think would be good for our family doesn’t always mean it’s the way to go. If I am absent then the rhythm we have as a family is off. How have we gotten our groove back? Well, let me show you!


DSCF6045:: A walk through the woods with cousins!






:: Through the woods to the LAKE. This is our favorite little spot.



:: Farmer’s Market for Peach Day


:: Some very special guests came to town!




:: Enjoying the lots and lots of rain around here.

So right now my days have been spent following our little rhythm which puts us and our little home all back together. 



5 thoughts on “Getting our Groove Back

  1. I’m really glad you posted this! It helped me get a little perspective back. 🙂

  2. I’ve gotten to be a ‘stay at home’ mom for almost 20 years. I’ve taken a few part time jobs but always because I felt like I should be doing more and bringing in some income. Have finally taken myself off the ‘guilt-go-round’ realizing that although my husband would also like us to have more income, he actually wants me to be at home. Like you’ve already realized early in your marriage, our family and home run so much smoother with us being there, and yet, there’s SO much more and SO many more things that I want to do and accomplish. I hope you continue to enjoy your time at home even though it’s not glamorous, and we seldom receive praise or thanks for it, but your sweet family is worth every minute you devote to them.

  3. “I am the glue that holds him & them together”. I love it. & today, my friend, you gave my heart some real joy… knowing that as I am our children’s primary caregiver & my husbands… well other half, that I am most of the time, the glue that holds them together. I once read that the first 5 minutes of your encounter with your husband/family after being gone for a while, determines the mood for the rest of the night (or day) toegther. So true. Brian ALWAYS tries to make it a point to come in, kiss me first, then let the kids just tackle him!

  4. Thanks for that comment Beth and thanks for that post Tabitha. I’ve been itching to be working myself to bring in some extra income but I know it’s not where my husband wants me. Scot and I were single for so long before marrying that we both are very independent. Because of being single for so long I worked several jobs and I really loved working. What we do as stay at home mom’s is work too. It’s just a different kind of work. The big thing for me at times is that I feel so un-socialized. Thank God Timmy is getting older and I can get out more. The first year was rough though. Isn’t it always nice to know that you aren’t alone that there are those that really understand?!

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