Have you ever woke up one morning and realized life carried you to a totally different place than you were aiming at going? Then realized you didn’t do as much aiming as you thought? Well, that’s where  we are.

Over the past few months we have really learned the importance of having a direction as a family, knowing what we’re accomplishing, working together on one common goal. It’s a good thing Scarlet and Adelai are too young to remember this time of redirection. I want them to grow up knowing how to focus on the same goal and be able to add their talents and abilities to ours. Since they are so small right now, it’s been Joseph and I who have had to learn this hard lesson. As a wife, mother, and homemaker it is easy to fill my life with many things, but I’ve realized that a lot of the things I’ve filled my life with have ended up unimportant in the grand scheme of things. I think I totally blew Joseph out of the water when a few weeks ago we woke up and I asked him, “so, I understand that you are the leader of this little pack of ours, so where are we headed today? What should I be accomplishing?” I believe he thought he’d woken up with a new wife completely. Because I had been so busy thinking about where I’d like to be and he was so busy thinking about where he’d like to be that we lost sight of where we were going. So we got together and wrote down our absolutes. Have you ever done one of those lists? Most people do them when they’re looking for someone to marry. Must be tall, dark, handsome…etc. Well, this list is filled with the non-negotiables of where our family is headed and what we are accomplishing. A beautiful little list of who we are. Now it is so easy to say, “oops, that doesn’t really fit into our plan.” I have become great at living a simple life on the outside, but I needed a little cleaning out on the inside. I feel like I can breathe better already and now I’m heading straight for the goal. 


Even with Joseph working long hours right now, we have become closer as a family. The few hours that we have together have become sacred. Scarlet is talking all the time, dancing, and always entertaining. Adelai is rolling over, pushing up, and smiling all the time. I have been working assembly line style trying to get stuff ready to sell, and Joseph is getting snuggled back into the band at LWFC while working in the studio. Busy Busy Busy! But all in one direction, with one goal.


5 thoughts on “Redirection

  1. this is beautiful. I hope you don’t think of the time that has passed without a common direction as a “mistake”… it’s a natural & beautiful part of marriage to have these revelations & come together as God’s perfect union & grow. It will likely happen over & over during your life’s course together. It’s what you do with it that makes you an incredible & strong couple! & that you 2 are! I think that this list shows amazing maturity in your marriage. Most people never have a common goal, they go about life “co-existing” & living as individuals instead of one… sometimes without even realizing it. & we wonder why the divorce rate in this country is so high & the kids are so detatched from the family unit… because that’s what we’ve shown them as a way of life.

    this was a great post! I enjoyed reading of your family on it’s way to definite success!

  2. Jamie and I were discussing this very thing the other day. I know what I want our family to look like, but I had never stopped to figure out HOW to get there. So Jamie and I are doing this very thing, making a list of our goals, our vision for our family. Its nice to know that we aren’t the only ones trying to get somewhere! 🙂

  3. Hey tabby. I like this post. I too feel like I am in a wierd spot, an inbetween spot in our life as a family. If you dont mind me asking… what kind of goals did you and joseph set together?

  4. The first year we arrived to LWFC your dad spoke about this and thats when Rob and I sat down and wrote our goals down as a fam. Grant it Gabriella wasnt’ on that original list lol however, nothing really shifted other than we must have more money now lol. Three extra mouths i more than two. However you are right. ROb and I are very individualistic and had to come together and realize we are one family and think it through and make goals together. It did bring us closer together I must say. Now we support each other sooo much more. Not just us on separate paths. You know? well, of course you do you are writing about it. I think what we have realized most is that sometimes goals shift or change depending where you are in your life. That’s awesome as long as you are on the same page and heading together in that direction.

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