Farm Day!

DSCF6249This is Farmer Mary! Yesterday we had a BLAST out at her farm. We got to feed goats, ride a miniature horse, hug a spitting lama, and take a walk through the property. It was a great experience. Miss Rayne makes friends faster than anyone I know, so Mary was begging to keep her by the end of the day. 


Her Front door and her very large guard dog.


Scarlet chased the chickens the ENTIRE time


Scarlet, her friend Leah, and Lucky the Lama.



Scarlet feeding a very dirty angora bunny




Pictures of the property


Our walk through the woods


Miss Rayne riding Nelson, her first horse ride


This is Obediah. Scarlet would feed the goats and laugh and say, “That tickles goat!”


We will definitely be visiting Farmer Mary again soon!


One thought on “Farm Day!

  1. That was such a fun trip and your pics turned out just wonderful! I am so glad we were able to get together for that. the girls and i will definitely be stopping by with our veggie peelings and such.
    i’m almost always game for hands on field trips like that…so totally let me know if you want to go again!

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