Five Years

5 years, originally uploaded by RootsnWings.

Yesterday Joseph and I closed out our fifth year of marriage and today is the start of year number six.

We have been through ups and downs, as any marriage has. One of my favorite things about my life is that I married my childhood best friend. We grew up together, watched each other deal with many different things and never did it cross our minds that we would one day join our lives together. This deep relationship that we created from childhood has really been one of those things that we have held onto when it seems there is little else.

I am so very thankful for his integrity, his character, and his personality. I love that we are two TOTALLY different minds who think completely different. It creates this amazing balance in both of us. I appreciate the dream he is chasing and fulfilling so relentlessly. Because he gives place to his dream, it creates a place for me to fit, and safely and peacefully fulfill my dreams as well.

We are learning so much as we go. Most everything we’ve done, we’ve done wrong and had to go back and take the time to rewrite our story, if you will. But honestly, that is what creates growth. One of the things we’ve gotten pretty good at is learning to hit the reset button. No matter what happens, we have a mental and emotional reset button where everything is snow white, a new start.

As we go into this sixth year, we already know it is going to be full of hard work. This will be one of those years that will be spent building something beautiful, as a couple, and as a family.

I am so thankful for a new year for us!


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