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This is a picture of maybe the only rhythm of my current days. Since there have been so many changes going on, these kiddos have been in need of a little extra affection.

Adelai crawls in my lap for every bedtime and naptime and we sing the same little song, over and over. Eventually he falls asleep just like the picture above. I am soooo excited that he has begun this little routine. I got concerned for a minute that I had no baby to hold. He is almost two and he was getting quite independent. I know that this little phase probably won’t last very long. So, I am going to soak up every minute of cuddle time that I am given.

I never want to be that mom that is so quick to “get them to sleep” so that I can breathe. (Although, those days do happen….) I want to be the mama that takes every moment and lives in it, sucks every bit of love out of every squishy little hug or kiss I get from these kids.

Sometimes I have to sit back and remind myself that when I was a little girl, this is the life I dreamed of…. to be a wife and a mama. I had no idea it would come with so many challenges, but I am determined to live in every minute of my childhood dream…. not many girls can say that everything they wished for came true.

This little family of mine are in every heartbeat. I want to be that 80 year old woman that has family surrounding her, honoring her, loving her, laughing with her…. I want to say, when I am old and going to heaven, that I left a legacy…. my family. It all starts here… giving this sweet boy comfort when he needs it most.


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