Christmas Disaster

A few days before Christmas I was driving to the gas station (about 4 miles from our house) and my car was making this horrible sound. It was dark and I had left my phone at the house. I was not about to stop on the side of the road, in the dark, all by myself. So I was determined to make it to the gas station and there I would call Joseph to come and figure out what was wrong. Well, I coasted into a parking space at the gas station. My engine seized up. Come to find out, there was not a drop of oil in the car. Note to self: vehicles take oil to run. 1998 Rodeos need the oil changed triple the amount of most other cars. I guess we live and learn, shedding lots of tears along the way. Talk about an amazing Christmas present…. NOT!!!

That left us currently without a car that all four of us can fit in and not one car that I can drive. (We’ll leave my “learning to drive a stick shift” stories for another day…)

It’s been fun. haha… just kidding! Not fun at all. We are close to getting another car. Most likely a four door Honda or Toyota… still looking for the right car for the right price.

Anyways, I said all that to tell you that I found my dream car! And really, it’s only a dream. Because in reality, it’s not the type of maintenance we need, or the easiest car to find. But isn’t it cute!?

It’s a VW station wagon. They only made these models from 1970 to 1974 because no one liked them. Crazy hippies! This is the best body style of any of the VWs!! At least I think so. 🙂

Okay. Okay. Enough with the dreaming and on with realistically getting a car with four seats that practically drives itself so that I don’t have to shift… ready…..go!


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