Weekend Recap:

Thursday: Great Grandma came to town and wanted to go shopping. We found Scarlet some ballet slippers and some white tights so that she can start her new dance class each week. She talks about it everyday…

Then we played on all the things that take mama’s quarters while the others shopped. I have to say, taking kids to the mall is not my favorite thing to do. I figure there is no actual way to shop with them, so we should just play…

Friday night/Saturday morning: had the most amazing privilege to see a beautiful and perfect baby girl come into the world. This is truly becoming one of those things I feel like I was put on the planet to do. Really, more on this later… 🙂

Saturday: much needed night “to act like a kid again”: (we have to have those every so often to keep ourselves sane in the adult world…)

First stop: spend the gift cards that are burning a hole in my pocket…  OR watch Joseph put on silly hats and do random accents…

Second stop: Grocery store to grab snacks and drinks to go hang out with super awesome friends and play lots of mindless video games…. just what we needed. OR watch people stare at Joseph while he hums to himself like it’s completely normal for a grown man to dance through the isles while hunched over a cart that is 2 feet tall….

As you can tell, life with Mr. Suo is never dull. 🙂

Sunday: afternoon snack with the hubby:

My two favorite things: Throwback Mountain Dew (actually the Dr. Pepper is my fav but they don’t sell it around here… sad. So, we settle for Mountain Dew instead.) And Seneca Apple Chips… oh.my.gosh. these are amazing… seriously the best snack food around!

Hope you had a good weekend!



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