Homeschooling, Preschooling, & Unschooling

I have never really been one of those mama’s that knows exactly what I’m supposed to do when it comes time to put these kids in school. I have researched every type of homeschooling style there is. There are a few I gravitate towards and quite a few that I run from. I had the opportunity to know both sides as a child. I was in public school for kindergarten and first grade. I was homeschooled from second grade to seventh grade. Then, I went to a Christian School in eighth grade and went through two years of high school there and then ended up with a GED to end it all. I have quite the larger view of schooling. A larger perspective than most, I would say.

By far, the best experiences I had in school were the ones that were very rarely planned. I remember in 5th grade studying history by spending whole days in museums and battlegrounds. I was in a History society with a few other kids and we did projects together. Earlier in 2nd and 3rd grade I was involved in Brownies and 4-H. These were great ways for social interaction. And even before that I was reading and very artistic before being put into kindergarten.

I’m saying all this to say that I gravitate more towards everyday learning. Very rarely as a child was able to learn things well by sitting for hours, listening to lectures, or doing worksheets. I was most certainly a hands-on, “want to experience it myself” learner. And the honest truth is that I am like this in every area of life. I am the ultimate, “learn from my own mistakes” type of person. I wish I had a better understanding of what type of learner I was and how to use it to my benefit instead of be burned by it later on in life. But honestly, it was not at all as “normal” and “cool” to be an unschooler back then. In fact, it was frowned upon. I guess it still is in quite a few circles.

One thing I’ve had to consider, is that my children could be those learners that LOVE to sit down and do worksheets and be in a public school enviroment for 8 hours a day. They may thrive in another place than I did. I realize that, and that is really why I never want to be headstrong in one direction or the other. This really is an area where I feel that it’s neccessary for me to follow them, instead of trying to lead them in a direction that I would feel comfortable in.

So, in my observation of these kiddos, Scarlet is one of the most social people I have ever seen. She thrives when there are other people around that are her age and her size. Which of course, leads me to believe that she may end up in a public school type setting. What we are doing now is experimenting, to find out if she puts quite a bit of her social life and her energy into her new dance classes, maybe she will feel that outlet is being fullfilled so that she can be free to explore and learn at home.

Adelai is really too young to be thinking about it. He is always up for being outside, learning the names of things, and finding 1000 new uses for sticks. Although, I have a feeling he is going to be the creative type, who wouldn’t be able to sit still in a classroom setting anyway, he’d be dreaming of building forts outside, and throwing the ball with Dad, etc.

I know this is a long post, but I am going to start posting every once in a while on our journey through Unschooling our little ones. I will make goals for myself here and post pictures of the outcome.

I’d love to get links to what you’re doing in your home, comments, tips, and advice on the subject!


One thought on “Homeschooling, Preschooling, & Unschooling

  1. I admire you Tabby. I would love to homeschool or unschool but feel like I wouldnt be organized enough for it. But I definitely understand that different kids learn differnt ways, I cant imagine my son now in a structured sit down school. We may lean toward something else like a montesorri school. It may all change once he gets older, he really does enjoy socializing like Scarlett. Its a tough decision, but like you said it doesnt have to be all set in stone, you can just kinda go with the flow of things based on what the kids end up doing best in. 🙂 Love to hear about all things in the Suo family.

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