Beads and Bobbles

Scarlet and I made the beads that I found here.

They are really fun to cook up and roll into balls.

A small change we made was to use skewers instead of toothpicks. Skewers were better for their little hands to grip and made bigger holes in the beads, which I thought would be easier to string.

Adelai loved moving the clay around in his fingers and helping us make balls. He LOVES any round object! He yells and points, “Ball!” But this was exactly the issue later, when we went on to painting. He would grab them and throw them, sooo excited that we made his favorite toys. Scarlet didn’t like it to much that he was throwing her beads…

Scarlet really enjoyed every part, until we got to the painting part. Normally, she loves to paint anything and everything, but these beads and acrylic paints do not like each other. She would paint one and move it in her hand and it would peel right off.

We decided that when we do this project again, we will try dying the clay instead of painting afterwards.

We’ve already given one as a birthday present! Now we have lots of beads to string!



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