Adventures in the woods

I know that there have been lots of these same pictures: my kids in the woods…

but can I just say, that this really is our lives right now. Almost everyday, we are exploring secret woodsy places or down at the fishing hole, finding frogs and salamanders, or somewhere else where the air is fresh and the world is new.

This is a picture of the kids this past weekend. We found these really cool little holes in a tree and they went up to look at them and I asked them to sit and take a picture. They sat and paid no attention to me snapping pictures for like 15 minutes. They were looking at all the trees around them, picking things up off the ground, collecting acorns, and trying to find the sun through the top of the tree. They chatted a little with each other but mostly they listened to all the sounds.

Scarlet and Adelai at Mr. Isaac's tackle and bait shop! Our first stop for worms and snacks before heading to the fishing hole. :) (At Mr. Isaac’s tackle and bait shop! Our favorite place for worms and snacks before heading to the fishing hole.)

I love being outside with them. I love looking at the world through their eyes. It seems so much cleaner, more beautiful, and a lot less…. heavy. I remember what it was like to have that innocent view of the world… back when it was beautiful. It’s funny, it was just the same as it is now, only my perspective has changed.

Listening to the leaves crunch beneath my feet, jumping from rock to rock, and starring up at the clouds as they roll by…. all this makes it sooo worth while to have children and watch them grow, discover, and change.

I love being a mom.


One thought on “Adventures in the woods

  1. I really wish it was warmer up here, playing in the woods with my boys sounds like a really awesome idea.

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