Seasons of Change

So…. about 3 months ago, in a mad-crazy “God-ordained” frenzy, the Suo family packed our bags and made the move to Nashville, Tennessee. When I say “God-ordained” I mean God literally made a way, in every way, for us to take this giant step to a whole other season of life. 

Seasons are amazing. God created a hot season and a cold season, a growing season and a stagnant season. It’s amazing how my life has mimicked, in so many ways, His beautiful creation. I used to think that we were supposed to live in the growing season all the time. The honest truth is that without that cold, stagnant season, there would be no room for growth… nothing to grow out of, no beauty to look forward to. 

Making the physical move was only the outward obedience to the emotional and spiritual obedience of our heart. We struggled for quite a while with the fear of stepping out, the fear of letting go of someone else’s purpose and pursuing our purpose. Living out the words God directly spoke to our hearts. Out of fear and uncertainty we made some bad calls and had to go back to the start… Kind of like, “Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.” We would have to start all over. Eventually we realized that we could not make the correct decisions or hear God’s voice and “tremble in our boots” at the same time. 

“Change of any sort requires courage.” Mary Anne Radmacher

This has been a season of growth, of growing into a new state of mind and of heart, of being strong and diving in. There is such an amazing difference in diving in head first versus tiptoeing around the waters hoping to not get wet. 

A sweet person helped me to see that I had spiritually built a wall around my family…. brick by brick and called it “mundane.” I had decided that we would live like everyone else… school, work, sleep… repeat. As God began to change my heart (you saw a glimpse here), I began to embrace the beauty of our very non-typical lifestyle. I grabbed hold of the dreams we’ve had as a couple and as a family to “venture out,” to live a life of adventure, to explore. 

“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.” Raymond Lindquist

I have stopped setting lifelong goals to buy a house, or “settle down,” or live mundane. I finally have stepped into the freedom of living the purpose that He has given to us. We are soooo happy with every aspect of where we are right now. But we realize that nothing is certain except that God has given us specific gifts to use as we adventure, explore, and travel. We know that He has the perfect plan. 


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