Blueberry Season

Yesterday we went to pick blueberries with our amazing homeschool tribe.

I have never been around kinder, more gentle people in my life. Everyone should have a tribe. People they do life with. People with like-minded ways of living, along with the gentle balance of respect for each others differences. I love how they are so quick to carry some one else’s babe through the creek, the older kids gently guide the younger ones, grace is had for all typical sibling spats, etc.

My favorite part of yesterday was when the kids were splashing and sliding down the waterfalls, the moms and dads sat around the rocks, like mermaids perched, and spoke of life, family, beliefs, and history. Beautiful.

Every family needs a Tribe.

Here are the pictures from the day:


Adi and Fia feeding each other berries.

The crew.

The garden.

Creek Hopping.



This is where the sweet farmer has hung his worn out shoes since the 50’s.

The Harvest.

Now it’s time for some much anticipated blueberry crisp!

Happy 4th of July!


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