Yummmy Apples

This is my sweet hubby on a hunt for apples. We have had this tree in our yard that we thought was a crabapple tree. I picked a bunch of them a while back when they were small and green. I was going to make crabapple jelly, but never did. A few days ago we noticed that there were big red apples on the very top of the tree and a whole mound of them on the ground under the tree. So sad…

Joseph was determined to find a way to get those apples at the top of the tree. So we set out, me with baby, camera and rainboots. Him with hiked up pants, basket, machete, and my swifter. Oh, how fun it is to live every day with him. We successfully got 11 apples for the tree and I got a few good pictures.

Scarlet loves her sling 🙂

Bearon is so handsome…

This is the tree with the most colored leaves in our yard. I don’t know what it is about this part of NC but it makes fall not so exciting. The leaves hit the ground already brown. There is not much color.