Bunnies and Duckies


Today is a busy day. Dashing this way and that. Finishing last minute projects and loving on family. I meant to have so much more done but the weekend snuck up on me. 



Scarlet has seen bunnies and duckies everywhere and considering they’re her favorite two animals at the moment she is LOVING this celebration.


I hope you have a Good Friday (wink wink) and a Happy Easter!



The title of this is ‘phew…’ because that is all I can think to say. The past few days have been busy, some exciting and some not-so-exciting. I will explain later in my ramblings. But first, let me say that this picture makes me the happiest today. 🙂

I have been attending a Book Club that is reading about the Proverbs 31 Woman. In the book it talks about how this woman worked late into the night and awoke early in the morning, all to serve her family well. If you’ve read this blog any length of time, you’ll know that this is my purpose in life, to serve my family well. But this has been my plight lately. IF I wake up before dawn and get myself ready for the day, start breakfast, get ready for Macky to show up… THEN my days are awesome. ( I won’t lie, this has only happened a few times!) BUT if I stumble to the door in my PJ’s and say something (I have no idea what) to Cathy. Then take Mack and put her back to bed, secretly praying she and Scarlet won’t wake up till noon, and hop back in my warm, cozy bed. Soon wake up to one of them hitting my in the head saying ‘EAT!’ Then…. my days are just crazy from the moment I step out of bed.

I’m funny. In the midst of all of this I seem to think that the very best thing has to be being unprepared, selfish, if you will. But when the sun goes down and everything that needed to be accomplished isn’t done yet, I panic, and think ‘ Why didn’t I wake up early and prepare for all of this!?’ So there you have it, the area I am being stretched in at the moment.

Easter week was a blast. Here are the events of the week and some of my favorite pictures…

Joseph made us French Toast one morning. YUM!!

My beautiful niece had her 7th Birthday! She is growing so very fast!

Coloring Easter eggs at two in the morning. Just some good music, my sweet hubby, and dye everywhere!!

Easter egg hunt at our house! I love my family!

Once again, my camera was lost. Therefore, these pictures were stolen from Micah’s batch. He always makes his microscopic. Sorry. 😦

Two of my very favorite people holding Scarlet Rayne:



A Day of Rest! Or so we thought…

After a fun-filled weekend… we thought the above pictures would be what our day would be filled with. Instead we ended up rushing off to the doggy doctor because Bearon has a really bad stomach virus. I have been feeding him and forcing water down his throat all day. He is super anemic and dehydrated at the moment.

Again, isn’t it funny how you think your day will be one way and then in two seconds of seeing your dog pee blood it turns into a day of a whole other kind.


February Love

So much is going on right now. Amazing things! My little angel is growing like a weed. She does something new everyday. My favorite time of the day is when she wakes up in the morning in between us sleeping. The first thing she does is look at Papa to see if he is awake yet. If he isn’t, she will coo and laugh and talk until he takes a peek at her, then she gives him the biggest smile of the whole day. I love to watch them. I’ve never seen anyone love their Papa like she loves him.
My February has been full of lots of unexpected surprises. One big one that you will have to wait till next post to hear about. But for now, here is what’s going on in my world…
1. The amazing blessing of a king-size bed!!! Only one aspect of my awesome Valentine’s Day. This may have been the only good Valentine’s Day I can remember.

2. Spring has come early, it seems. So I have been filling my house with the beauty of it!

3. My sister brought her 2 year old over for a Valentine Tea Party. I LOVED it! Unfortunately, I got no pictures of Rachel, the two year old, I know, how could I!
4. Lots of time together. We have been so blessed to be able to spend more time together than most families. Joseph’s job schedule allows that we both can be extremely involved in her life and spend lots of time just the two of us as well. What a HUGE blessing!
5. And last, Scarlet is officially eating cereal. She started last week. There was one night that she had it all over her, her hands, and Joseph’s beard. I wish my camera had been around for that. It has become normal to change clothes all three times a day that she eats cereal. You can imagine what my wash room looks like.

Yes, many things are going on. February has been good. I was reading Soulemama’s blog about how dull February gets for her. Not this year in the Suo House, nothing is dull. I remember one year on Valentine’s Day when I worked in a flower shop. I spent three days before Valentine’s Day pulling thorns off of roses. I would go home and soak my hands from all the scratches. The 14th was spent getting every woman in town flowers. It was amazing to see how many husbands and boyfriends would come in and not even care what you gave them. They just knew that they couldn’t go home empty handed. Well, this year was a realization of how incredible it is to have a wonderful, creative, and caring husband in my life that can go above and beyond what I could even think. He did awesome job at being sure that this Valentine’s I would never doubt that I was loved, cared for, and cherished beyond words. Sometimes I think I got the best there is. No one can beat my hubby. 🙂
I hope you had a wonderful February. Spring is just around the corner. I can’t wait to see what this season holds.

Special People

We drove an 8 hour trip to Atlanta in the early morning hours on Thanksgiving Day. It took us almost 12 hours to get there. I would love to say that it was the traffic or the baby’s fault that it took so long… but no… we were both so very tired by the time we actually got in the car that we stopped and slept. 🙂 We were so very glad to finally be there. I had been waiting so patiently for Turkey Day to come so that Scarlet could meet some of the most special people in my life. We had SO MUCH FUN! Nana and Shannon did such and good job on Thanksgiving dinner! They blessed us so very much. They gave us our own little Christmas! They sat us down and handed us all the presents under the tree. We were so suprised! They picked out beautiful outfits for Scarlet, leapord skin boots, and we got a wonderful, cozy blanket that now lays over our couch. Oh! …and thanks to Gary, for the coffee for the road! It’s the only thing that got us home. I’m sippin’ on my Christmas Blend right now. 🙂

Shannon, Scarlet, and I

Levi, Heaven, and Scarlet

Granddad, Nana, and Scarlet

The day after Thanksgiving, we drove a little ways to see my best friend, Liesel and her family. I hadn’t seen her since May. It was amazing to spend time with her and realize what an incredible friendship we have, even from far away. Scarlet loves her crazy Aunt Swiesel!

What amazing people God has put in my life. It was a cool thing to see them love my family just as much as I do, even from far away. I love that. I love them.

Gah! Now I’m all teary… I hate being miles away from people when they are so close to my heart.