{Saturday Tunes}

This All American Rejects song is one I hear often right now. It’s a little more pop than I usually listen to, but they’re great!

This is such a bittersweet song. Sweet because Iron and Wine is one of my favorite bands and the listening is so easy. Bitter because in this song, you really see God from his point of view. That makes me sad. I wish I could hug him.

And lastly, if you ever asked me if I was on an deserted  island and could only have one thing to listen to, (noting of course that Joseph would be there to sing to me :)) I would choose Mewithoutyou, hands down.

There is so much controversy out there about him speaking Arabic in this song. People have said that he’s changed religions, etc. It’s amazing how people can have an opinion about a song when they can’t understand what he’s saying! Haha!

Aaron Wiess is a complete genius for the way he presents God here. His family are converts from the muslim religion to christianity. In this song he sings in Arabic, “There is no other god but GOD.” So amazing to hear that in this language. Beautiful. Also, I love that in the comments on the youtube link, you see how many people, with other beliefs or no beliefs, listen to him who are not offended by what he believes, but love him because he is honestly unique.

I could seriously do a “mewithout you song day”, every week. 🙂 But I’ll spare you.

Happy Listening!