~ A Girl After My Own Heart ~



Scarlet loves our many trips to the fabric store. She’s gotten quite used to jumping out of the car and into a cart. Adelai usually goes into the sling and off we go. We browse every aisle like we’ve never seen it before. The above picture is typically what Scarlet looks like before we leave.

Yes, we share this love for pretty colored fabric and we both touch it all and love all the different textures. She sits with me at the sewing machine and pulls the pins out as we go. She is always happy to try stuff on and spin circles for me. Yes, she is certainly my girl. 🙂 


We have Radishes!!


There is only so much space on our little porch for container gardening. So, we’ve been planting and watching seeds grow at Gran’s house. Saturday Scarlet pulled up her first radish!!


I remember gardening when I was growing up in Virginia. My dad and I would get those seed starting kits and put seeds under lights in the basement early on in Spring. When it came time, he would till up the garden and I would bring him sweet tea. 🙂 I remember running outside with a big glass and putting it in his dirt covered hands. The top side of the garden was marigolds and sunflowers just for me. We filled it up with broccoli, cauliflower, string beans and snap peas, summer squash and cucumbers. I remember the feeling of dirt under my bare feet. I remember how hard I would get scrubbed in the bath every night in the summer time. I remember watching Daddy hoe rows and hand me seeds to plant. These are some of the greatest memories I have of my childhood. 

I know that my little 6 year old mind saved that image in a whole lot larger picture than it actually was. In my mind, it was a HUGE garden, full of yummy food. I would go out and sneak into the snap pea patch and munch down on them. But now I’ve gone back and looked at our old place and it looks like it all shrunk. But I only got bigger. 🙂 

It is so special for me to watch her sink her feet into the dirt, plant her first seed, water her flowers, and pull her first radishes. I wonder how big Gran’s little patch of garden will be in her mind twenty years from now.


Seeing life through the eyes of a child again is a beautiful thing. 

You are my Sunshine…

Oh sweet sunshine,  are we glad to see you!



Adelai’s one month birthday was yesterday. He seems to be growing so much faster than Scarlet did. Or… maybe it’s that I don’t as much time to sit and oh and ah over him like I did with Scarlet. We have our sweet little moments in between all the toddler entertainment going on around the house.
Oh, yes. By the way, Miss Rayne has discovered her gift of making people laugh… just like her dad. She throws her arms behind her in a superman-like motion and declares “SuperGirl!!!!” as she takes off through the house. I believe that has been her way of coping with a new sibling and still getting attention. She’s even created her own theme song!
I have found a great little park with lots of space and places for Scarlet to explore and I’ve decided that is where you can find me this summer. It will be a perfect little place for us to get out and see the sunshine. 
I’m breaking down and buying a new camera charger tomorrow. I’m going through serious photography with drawl. Many more pictures to come!

Bunnies and Duckies


Today is a busy day. Dashing this way and that. Finishing last minute projects and loving on family. I meant to have so much more done but the weekend snuck up on me. 



Scarlet has seen bunnies and duckies everywhere and considering they’re her favorite two animals at the moment she is LOVING this celebration.


I hope you have a Good Friday (wink wink) and a Happy Easter!

A few of my favorite things…

What’s going on around here? Well see, lots and lots of crafting. Spring just seems to be the crafty season, or maybe it’s because this gigantic belly doesn’t allow much getting out. 🙂 As I am busy with making this and that (a post about my super cool crocheted rug is on it’s way!) the girls have found new ways of keeping busy themselves. 



Homemade Play-Doh! This was quick to whip up and they loved the bright colors.


Coloring Veggies. Scarlet has started to sit still for quite a while to focus on coloring. These veggies got cut out and used in other artwork they were working on. Since this picture we’ve invested in a VeggieTales coloring book. 🙂 They LOVE VeggieTales!


Bean Pouring! This has quickly become Scarlet’s favorite thing to do. Macky is typically busy washing dishes (her new favorite thing to do), which really is pouring water instead of beans. Scarlet reaches for them at least a few times a day and sits for almost an hour each time and pours beans from one place to another. She concentrates very hard on not spilling them. 

This is just a few things going on around here in the midst of getting ready for Easter, getting ready for a new baby, cooking and freezing for after the baby arrives… and the list goes on. Creating and watching these babes create is such an amazing way for me to keep my cool in the middle of everything else going on around us. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 


Life is Good…

Yesterday was beautiful. It is so awesome to be able to carry a blanket out to your back yard and have a picnic under gorgeous trees! I love our land….

This is the only picture I could snap before my camera’s battery went dead. Joseph yells because I never charge it, then when I REALLY want pictures I either can’t use it because it’s out of juice or because I can’t find it. I should find something that hangs it around my neck at all times… random…

Today… the windows and doors are open and letting the spring air in.

Scarlet is eating her ‘Eat More Tacos’ shirt. (Thank you Josh and Carrie!)

Joseph is relaxing with a wonderful day off.

We are looking forward to the weekend of Women! Our amazing church is having a conference just for women! It is going to be awesome. Joseph is playing and singing. Scarlet will entertain the nursery people, I am sure. And I am going to soak up the interaction with others of my kind, something I used to run from… now I embrace. I mean really, how could any woman ever be a successful wife or mother all on her own. I used to think I could do this all by myself… I would have sunk quickly if it weren’t for my girls!

So, a fun-filled weekend ahead! I hope yours is just as good!

OH! And Bearon is feeling much better! See…


It’s A Beautiful Day!

The very first pretty day was yesterday.

 (Taken by Joseph)

I used to  say my favorite season was autumn. But I have realized within the past year how very gorgeous every season is. I look forward to each of them now. So very much to do when bringing in a new season. Some of those things include:

  1. Getting flower boxes for the front windows.
  2. Putting up my hammock swing on the porch!
  3. Begging Joseph to till my garden, promising that this year I will actually plant something.
  4.  Possibly planting flowers in the beds around our house!

I love my job… to see the beauty in all things and bring it into our home for all of us to enjoy.

Happy Spring to you!!