Stampin’ Fun!

I have always LOVED the crafty inspiration that I can always count on while checking up on Geninne’s space.

Today was no exception. I was looking at all of her stamps and tutorials and wanted so bad to make cool stamps too.

Since we had no erasers or anything like it, I had an idea to use the foam paper we had. I used a pencil to make all the lines, and this is what we ended up with:

Pretty good, right? Not as detailed as the eraser method, but I was satisfied.

This is the first one I did, just because I love drawing this flower.

On Geninne’s blog, I saw where she had different stems and different flower blossoms that you could mix and match. I knew Scarlet would love this, so above is our version.

And these are the first ones she made.

Yay for fun, easy and creative new stamps! Now we need to get pretty inky colors!!

We made many, many more after these. We also started putting bottle corks on the top of them so that it was easy for their little hands and so we didn’t have quit so much ink on the hands. 🙂


Try it! Sooo fun!


:: Looking Forward ::

As I am getting back in the groove around here, I am also learning to prepare ahead, to the season coming up. There are many things in the works around here to plan for the colder season. You’ll get a sneak peak of a few over the next few days. 

The very first of the winter-wear for the season:

DSCF6104Adelai’s Winter Hat

I did this with no pattern (because I couldn’t find what I wanted) and it turned out okay. I pretty much just measured his head and did a swatch until I got it right and then knit until it fit over his head the way I wanted it too.


I put a double ribbed stitch at the beginning and the end and then folded them over and weaved them together. The one thing I would have done differently is.. well, not been so anxious about it. I couldn’t find my darning needle so instead I crocheted the sides together. It looks fine but I should have held out until I could get out to buy a new needle. But I didn’t. 


Working with my hands has become something so natural. I feel strange sitting anywhere for any length of time without a project of some sort in hand. I have been crocheting for a few years now and love it. Knitting is something I’ve wanted to do but it just felt so much harder than crocheting… all that blocking, and swatching, and gauging… but after this post I really dug in my heels and sought people out who would watch and correct. I have come a long way since that post. My plans are that it will pay off this winter. But the truth is that every time I sit down to knit, I breathe a little deeper, listen to what’s around me, slow down my mind and relax. It really is one of the healthiest things for me (since I tend to be a little high-strung. 🙂 ). How do you prepare for a new season? Is there a craft or hobby that helps you relax? I love to hear the way others do things!

Hope there’s a happy Wednesday in your future! 

Crochet Goodness!

Bailey has found her new favorite spot in the house. 


This is my rug I mentioned here.  I had so much fun working on this. I used the tutorial from this fabulous lady, bought sheets from goodwill at $1.50 a piece and went to work. It is a double crochet stitch with a really big crochet needle. What you see is three different sheets. I’m going to keep working on it in my free-time (what free-time!?!?) and make it pretty big. I think it would also be pretty easy to make it a rectangle instead of a circle. This is a great ongoing project, super easy and a super inexpensive homemade rug! Let me know if you do this!

Getting Creative with Flashcards!


These are a great alternative to those boring flashcards you buy at the store. Scarlet had so much fun making them and now we look at them every day. You could do this with older kiddos for their times tables or anything that needs reciting. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

:: pastel chalks (you can buy at any craft store and they’re great to have around)

:: white card stock 

:: special pastel eraser (Scarlet liked rubbing with her fingers and it wipes of easily)

:: Hairspray

:: scissors 


1. Take the scissors and cut your 8×10 cardstock into four cards. We folded to one side and then folded each one again and then cut.

2. Use your pastels like crayons and you or your child can color the background first and then add the detail overtop. 

3. This is when I gave it to Scarlet to rub. She likes to watch the colors swirl and blend together. She would switch between the eraser and her finger. I think she felt like she had more control with her finger. I helped her a good bit so that it didn’t end up smearing the letter completely away. 🙂 

4. After you get the picture exactly the way you want it you can hold it an arms length away from your hairspray and spray. Coat the whole picture evenly and let sit until dry. (if you get it too close your picture will run) This puts a slick surface on the card so that the picture is set and won’t smudge.

Have fun with this! This is a great way to get a little creative and add some color to your teaching. 🙂

~ A Girl After My Own Heart ~



Scarlet loves our many trips to the fabric store. She’s gotten quite used to jumping out of the car and into a cart. Adelai usually goes into the sling and off we go. We browse every aisle like we’ve never seen it before. The above picture is typically what Scarlet looks like before we leave.

Yes, we share this love for pretty colored fabric and we both touch it all and love all the different textures. She sits with me at the sewing machine and pulls the pins out as we go. She is always happy to try stuff on and spin circles for me. Yes, she is certainly my girl. 🙂 

Mr. Nobody did it!


I feel as though there is some little elf that runs around stealing all things having to do with my camera. Mama used to say his name is Mr. Nobody. He is the guy who is responsible for all those things you KNOW you set in this exact spot and all of the sudden they have vanished from the earth. This time he has stolen my camera charger and refuses to return it. And of course there is no store that sells them in this area. So, I have two choices: 1) search until I am so very upset at Mr. Nobody that I could throw something at him. (But he never shows his face) 2) Spend the extra cash on a new charger. (oh I hate to do that when I KNOW that it was just here). Until I decide what to do I have been using Gran’s camera on her phone whenever we’re with her. So these were taken in her yard a few days ago. 

The past few weeks my days have all looked the same. Something like this:

Wake up. Nurse. Breakfast. Clean. Nurse. Try to get out of the house for a bit. Lunch. Naptime for Scarlet while I… Nurse. Cut fabric and prepare pattern while bouncing baby in sling. Nurse. Cook dinner. Bounce baby while eating dinner. Daddy and Scarlet time while me and Adi sew. Nurse. Put Scarlet to bed. SEW SEW SEW. Nurse. Sleep.

Yes, my sewing schedule is VERY flexible but I seem to be getting stuff done. Such as: (since I seem to be the queen of lists today… yet another)

:: mastered making wool soakers for the babe

:: found a skirt pattern that is perfect for me. Now I’ve gone “skirting-making crazy”

:: my first stuffed animal is in the works!

:: between me and Grans urges to sew Scarlet has a whole summer wardrobe. 

:: have a small surprise I’m working on. It might just be the first item I put up to sell!! We’ll see!

I feel like I dream about, think about, talk about sewing constantly. I am LOVING having two babes! But I have found the perfect way to clear my head and turn my focus from the babies for just a sweet small piece of time. (that is, when they let me 🙂 )

Hopefully there will be pictures of some projects to come. I still have to post from Easter huh… oops.

A few of my favorite things…

What’s going on around here? Well see, lots and lots of crafting. Spring just seems to be the crafty season, or maybe it’s because this gigantic belly doesn’t allow much getting out. 🙂 As I am busy with making this and that (a post about my super cool crocheted rug is on it’s way!) the girls have found new ways of keeping busy themselves. 



Homemade Play-Doh! This was quick to whip up and they loved the bright colors.


Coloring Veggies. Scarlet has started to sit still for quite a while to focus on coloring. These veggies got cut out and used in other artwork they were working on. Since this picture we’ve invested in a VeggieTales coloring book. 🙂 They LOVE VeggieTales!


Bean Pouring! This has quickly become Scarlet’s favorite thing to do. Macky is typically busy washing dishes (her new favorite thing to do), which really is pouring water instead of beans. Scarlet reaches for them at least a few times a day and sits for almost an hour each time and pours beans from one place to another. She concentrates very hard on not spilling them. 

This is just a few things going on around here in the midst of getting ready for Easter, getting ready for a new baby, cooking and freezing for after the baby arrives… and the list goes on. Creating and watching these babes create is such an amazing way for me to keep my cool in the middle of everything else going on around us. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!