Pep Talk

You ever just need to give yourself a pep talk???

Just a little reminder that…





Okay. I feel better. I can do this. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!



So thankful for my life, my family, and all of the amazing support that surrounds us. Specifically thinking about my amazing, sweet husband who has continually sacrificed for me, adored every minute of his life with his family, soaked up every second of squishy kid time, and been the stability and peace that I so desperately needed from a life partner.

Today I am overwhelmed with the understanding that God is in a constant process of restoring what was broken, healing the hurt, giving back what was stolen, and making us whole again. I realized this morning that there are even things I never knew were broken or never asked for Him to restore… but He knows. 🙂

Happy 4th of July! Our plan includes laying by the pool, eating watermelon, and exploring Nashville until we find something amazing. 🙂 LOVE new cities!

Hope you’re weekend is great! xoxo

Seasons of Change

So…. about 3 months ago, in a mad-crazy “God-ordained” frenzy, the Suo family packed our bags and made the move to Nashville, Tennessee. When I say “God-ordained” I mean God literally made a way, in every way, for us to take this giant step to a whole other season of life. 

Seasons are amazing. God created a hot season and a cold season, a growing season and a stagnant season. It’s amazing how my life has mimicked, in so many ways, His beautiful creation. I used to think that we were supposed to live in the growing season all the time. The honest truth is that without that cold, stagnant season, there would be no room for growth… nothing to grow out of, no beauty to look forward to. 

Making the physical move was only the outward obedience to the emotional and spiritual obedience of our heart. We struggled for quite a while with the fear of stepping out, the fear of letting go of someone else’s purpose and pursuing our purpose. Living out the words God directly spoke to our hearts. Out of fear and uncertainty we made some bad calls and had to go back to the start… Kind of like, “Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.” We would have to start all over. Eventually we realized that we could not make the correct decisions or hear God’s voice and “tremble in our boots” at the same time. 

“Change of any sort requires courage.” Mary Anne Radmacher

This has been a season of growth, of growing into a new state of mind and of heart, of being strong and diving in. There is such an amazing difference in diving in head first versus tiptoeing around the waters hoping to not get wet. 

A sweet person helped me to see that I had spiritually built a wall around my family…. brick by brick and called it “mundane.” I had decided that we would live like everyone else… school, work, sleep… repeat. As God began to change my heart (you saw a glimpse here), I began to embrace the beauty of our very non-typical lifestyle. I grabbed hold of the dreams we’ve had as a couple and as a family to “venture out,” to live a life of adventure, to explore. 

“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.” Raymond Lindquist

I have stopped setting lifelong goals to buy a house, or “settle down,” or live mundane. I finally have stepped into the freedom of living the purpose that He has given to us. We are soooo happy with every aspect of where we are right now. But we realize that nothing is certain except that God has given us specific gifts to use as we adventure, explore, and travel. We know that He has the perfect plan. 

Baby Patterns for Sewing Mamas

Had a couple of friends asking about small projects they can do for their sweet babes…

So I’m sharing my stash of links:

Bitty Booties from Heather Bailey

Baby Bum Sweaters from Born to Love (these are sooo amazing for clothe diapering mamas!)

Baby Bloomers from Just Tutorials

Denim Bibs from Thimbly Things

Cutest Baby Toy Ever! from Craftstylish (Adelai LOVED his owl!)

KNITTERS: Baby Sophisticate Sweater from Stockinette (easy-peasy to make)

Stack & Nesting Blocks from Sew Mama Sew (these are quilted but you can make them without quilting them)

Fabric Mobile from Sew Mama Sew (we made a different one, but this one is cute and easy!)

Homemade Baby Gym from Seedpod (FABULOUS AND INEXPENSIVE!!!)

DIY Baby Gifts from One Pretty Thing

Added Bonus: Inspiring Nurseries! (A lot of these are montessori inspired)

Wowzers! Had no idea I have hoarded so many links on my toolbar over the past three years! I should post a whole other link for Toddlers and Young Kiddos!

Preggo Mamas and New Baby Mamas Enjoy!

PS: I will update this blog someday soon… cross my heart!

Adventures in the woods

I know that there have been lots of these same pictures: my kids in the woods…

but can I just say, that this really is our lives right now. Almost everyday, we are exploring secret woodsy places or down at the fishing hole, finding frogs and salamanders, or somewhere else where the air is fresh and the world is new.

This is a picture of the kids this past weekend. We found these really cool little holes in a tree and they went up to look at them and I asked them to sit and take a picture. They sat and paid no attention to me snapping pictures for like 15 minutes. They were looking at all the trees around them, picking things up off the ground, collecting acorns, and trying to find the sun through the top of the tree. They chatted a little with each other but mostly they listened to all the sounds.

Scarlet and Adelai at Mr. Isaac's tackle and bait shop! Our first stop for worms and snacks before heading to the fishing hole. :) (At Mr. Isaac’s tackle and bait shop! Our favorite place for worms and snacks before heading to the fishing hole.)

I love being outside with them. I love looking at the world through their eyes. It seems so much cleaner, more beautiful, and a lot less…. heavy. I remember what it was like to have that innocent view of the world… back when it was beautiful. It’s funny, it was just the same as it is now, only my perspective has changed.

Listening to the leaves crunch beneath my feet, jumping from rock to rock, and starring up at the clouds as they roll by…. all this makes it sooo worth while to have children and watch them grow, discover, and change.

I love being a mom.

{Saturday Tunes}

This All American Rejects song is one I hear often right now. It’s a little more pop than I usually listen to, but they’re great!

This is such a bittersweet song. Sweet because Iron and Wine is one of my favorite bands and the listening is so easy. Bitter because in this song, you really see God from his point of view. That makes me sad. I wish I could hug him.

And lastly, if you ever asked me if I was on an deserted  island and could only have one thing to listen to, (noting of course that Joseph would be there to sing to me :)) I would choose Mewithoutyou, hands down.

There is so much controversy out there about him speaking Arabic in this song. People have said that he’s changed religions, etc. It’s amazing how people can have an opinion about a song when they can’t understand what he’s saying! Haha!

Aaron Wiess is a complete genius for the way he presents God here. His family are converts from the muslim religion to christianity. In this song he sings in Arabic, “There is no other god but GOD.” So amazing to hear that in this language. Beautiful. Also, I love that in the comments on the youtube link, you see how many people, with other beliefs or no beliefs, listen to him who are not offended by what he believes, but love him because he is honestly unique.

I could seriously do a “mewithout you song day”, every week. 🙂 But I’ll spare you.

Happy Listening!